Gacha Panic

Published 2024-04-19

Collect a wide selection of gacha friends and have them fight to collect money for your rent!


And don’t forget to pay your rent!

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare, plus some Newgrounds exclusive Medals and Highscores!

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NOTE: This is the post jam version with tweaks to make the game play smoother. If you're judging for Ludum Dare and want to see the game with its original balancing, download v1.0 on itch

If you're a fan of this game and like art, consider joining the Pixel Underground! We're a scrappy lil up and coming pixel (and all art) discord that runs daily challenges and believe in making art cause' ya want to. All the devs for this game hang out there and it's always a good time. Also we have the best duck emotes around 🦆


Squidly- Programming, Direction, point squid of the operation

Ven - Art, Portrait Art, Misc Art, More Art, we don't call em' skinny steve for nothin

Astropulse - Environment Art, 3D Art, putting Boston in an arguably good light

Pearl - Gacha Gal Art, Gachapon, Illustrations, has a driver's license

Tina - Main Illustration, Secret Hidden Talent, is a bat 🦇

Pit - Enemy Art, the Quack of Good

SouthRiverPoet - Enemy Variants, Misc Art, Floridian anamoly

RustedShell - Music, SFX, just banger tracks left and right

Landlord Duck - Rent enforcement, quackery

Gacha Gal - Bad life choices