Tales From The Arcade: Fartmania

Published 2024-05-05

Fart Your Way to Victory!


Aliens have busted into your backyard and kidnapped your friends and family. The only edge you have is you’re a pig with a serious case of flatulence.


They Once Laughed...

The other pigs laugh at how smelly you are. They often call you ‘Stinky’. Stinky? Well…


Who's laughing now? Too stinky for the aliens to take! You’re now the only one who can save them before the dangerous starborn creatures steal all your friends away.

After them!


Using your powerful farts, rocket your way to victory! No alien craft can escape your fart filled might! 


  • Precision platforming with a very musical gimmick! (Toot toot!)
  • Finally, a game with infinite double jumps! (Just don’t light a match!)
  • Show them all they’re wrong… (Prove your disability is a boon!)
  • At least two epic showdowns against the alien menace! (maybe even three?!)
  • The highest FPS (Farts Per Second) of any game ever released!

Only You Can Save Them...

There is no one else, just you, a bad case of IBS, and a family of fellow swine to save. Bounce, fart, jump, and explore your way up into the very stratosphere to rescue your friends from the clutches of their alien kidnappers.


Heroes come in small packages, but sometimes they have big smells.