Published 2024-05-16

note: web-build has broken transparencies and plug-ins. please download standalone for full experience, it is much nicer! the link is at the bottom of the page!

link to download versions on my web page


Use the arrow keys to move. Z and X for action buttons. ESC for the pause menu.


This was a proof-of-concept I made back in 2022. I made this in RPGMAKER MV, on a week where I was sick. But I realized as I got deeper into it, the more I had to compromise on my ideas. So, I am switching engines, and releasing the only complete build of the game to you guys. I had planned to keep it a secret until the new one was done, but I think two years is long enough to keep this old version to myself. I hope you like a tiny look into my big picture.


If you want to read more, check out the EXTRA CONTENTS folder included with the download version, which is available on my website.

oh also the title is just temporary.. the full release will be a bit more special..

link to the original rpgmaker forum post