Lich King's Gauntlet

Published 2024-05-25

Compete in the ultimate tournament of the realm's most powerful mages. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top?


  • Arrow Keys - movement
  • (X) set the target in motion, press it again to detonate
  • (C) dash
  •  Enter/P to Pause Menu (Reset Cart to get back to menu)

(Alternative mapping to C is Z and to X is V)



In the Lich King's Gauntlet, you play as a wizard competing in a deadly tournament. Fully utilize your fireball and dash abilities in frantic combat against various types of wizards. Will you survive all the rounds for a chance to fight the Lord Supreme himself?

Game modes

  • Tournament,
  • Endless,
  • Training.


Our gracious Lord, in His eternal wisdom, calls forth a tournament. All the mages are to compete for the glory of a fair duel with our immortal Lord, a chance to win his crown and throne...

Every thousand years since the ascension of our most generous Lord, a tournament is held. 'Tis a great opportunity to clear the tensions between the mageocracy and the Church of Eternal Rule...

Everyone who fails to attend the tournament will be executed...

The High Priest, Essays Honoring the Lord, 5563 After Ascension

I write these words into stone, as it cannot be burned.
It took us hundreds of years to learn what we once knew...

They call it eternal wisdom; I call it deceit. They call it a tournament; I call it a slaughter...

Tomorrow it begins, and the day after, the only magic left in this world will be his.

Unknown, Stone shards, 1563 After Ascension


This game was made in Pico-8 for the Minigame a Month Jam - May2024. Special thanks to all the playtesters; without you, this game wouldn't be what it is.