Published 2024-05-25

CHEFWARE is a game where you try to get hired as a chef through intense Warioware inspired micro-games.

(If you get to 25 points, there's a final boss!)

This took 4 months to make but it's done! I hope you guys enjoy my first game on this site. I didn't have time to figure out newgrounds leaderboards so I hope the in game on will do. It is a third party API so you don't have to use it if you don't want to, but the only thing it takes is your score and name so don't worry too much. Also the social media buttons will redirect you to said social media, I don't think that's against newgrounds TOS but if it is let me know and I can remove it for this version.

Inspired by Warioware, Bimsy Dreams, and Pizza Tower.

If it's taking too long to load you can download it on