Birds With Guns (100 000th post!)

Published 2022-09-21

Are you ready to have a quacking time? Toucan play this egg-citing game right now! Made by an im-peck-able team of quail-ified developers, you're gonna have no egrets.

Evil Robofox has captured all the birds to steal their eggs. The bird kingdom is counting on you to save them!

Arrow keys or ESDF: Move
Left click: Shoot
Scroll: Switch weapon
P or Enter: Pause

Arrow keys or ESDF: Move
X: Shoot (V or M also work)
C: Switch weapon (Z or N also work)
P or Enter: Pause

Birds With Guns is a passion project made by a bunch of friends over the course of a vacation. If you found it fun and wish to give us a tip, an offline version is available for download for the price of a donut 🍩 on :)

@Yolwoocle : Code and Art
Gouspourd : Code
Notgoyome : Code
@ScrubSandwich : Music
Thanks to the lovely people from the PICO-8 discord server.

Featuring 6 brand new weapons, unique bird weapons and many small gameplay improvements! :)
Thanks to everyone for playing Birds With Guns, this journey has been wild. We hope you will enjoy this small update.