Twelve Days of Pico Christmas

Published 2022-11-03

Hi folks! If you were eagerly anticipating the Advent Calendar's return this year, do not fret! The shadowy cabal behind the calendar has not forgotten.

We've decided to release a slimmed-down calendar this year, with twelve entries for the 12 days of Christmas. Check back starting on December 14th for the usual daily installment of holiday cheer.

Happy Holidays from the Pico-8 Advent Calendar Team!

Game Threads:
Totally Accurate Holiday Bowling by @freds72:
Mitt's Marble Adventure by @TheTomster:
Winter Wars by @2Tie
2018 Throwback - Secret Santa by @Liquidream:
2019 Throwback - Toboggoban by @2darray
2020 Throwback - Xmas RPG by @BoneVolt
Spirit Solstice by @Jusiv:
Courier & Ives by @beepyeah:
Present Pop DX by @MarkGamed7794
E.L.F. 1978 by Squirrel Eiserloh
Holiday Jumper by @zep:

Yule log features particle wizardry by FredS and art by Jusiv :-)
Calendar menu by johanp with modifications by MarkGamed