Published 2023-06-12

The game's finally released! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it!

HAKAI is a momentum based aerial fighting game that takes cues from Dragonball Z.
Win three rounds to beat your opponent. If the timer runs out, whoever has the lower amount of health wins, and if the players' health are equal it's a draw.

You can choose whatever combination of character, bullet and super type you want. All changing character does is pick your color, though if you're in Practice mode, the character of your opponent matches the AI that character would have in Arcade mode.

The 28th HAKAI Tournament has begun! Do you have what it takes to win?

In this mode you can fight four increasingly-difficult AI opponents across the four maps.

Fight against your friend!

The camera is set to zoom out much further to try to keep both players inside the screen at all times.

No time limit and infinite health versus a dummy.

You can use the menu to enable/disable the dummy AI and command info. You will select the dummy's character and skills after confirming yours.

Input left and right with the arrow keys to move on the ground. If you have some speed and input the opposite direction you will skid.

Press Z/C on the ground to jump. If you jump while skidding you will "side jump" which cancels all your horizontal speed.
Hold down before jumping to super jump, adding much more vertical speed. You can also do "super side jumps"!

Press Z/C while airborne to dodge in the direction held with the arrow keys. If no direction is held you will dodge in whatever direction you are moving.

Hold Z/C while a direction is held to fly. This drains energy, but you can still fly when you have none left.
-Flying is a fast movement option and good for covering large distances.

Hold Z/C while no direction is held to charge energy. Charging for longer increases the speed at which energy is gained. You will also slow down and stop moving, even in midair.

Press X/V while a direction is held to do a dash.
-The dash will auto track towards the opponent, and will automatically do a strike upon reaching them.
-The direction held will choose the direction of the initial burst of speed.

Hold X/V during a dash to start a heavy dash.
-The heavy strike deals more damage and stun, and launches the opponent much farther.
-The heavy dash gives an addition speed burst and is overall faster, but doesn't track as much making it easier to dodge it.
-During a heavy dash,energy will be drained.
-You cannot start a heavy dash if your energy bar is gray.

If you press X/V while no direction is held you can cancel a dash. You cannot cancel a heavy dash!

Press X/V while no direction is held to shoot a projectile.
-Projectiles auto aim and track on their own. They consume some energy to fire. You cannot fire a projectile without enough energy!
-There are four kinds of projectile: Bullet, Heavy, Sniper, and Track.
-Bullet has a higher fire rate.
-Heavy has a low fire rate but is larger and deals more damage and stun.
-Sniper travels faster than the others.
-Track travels slowly but follows the opponent very well.

Hold X/V while no direction is held and your energy bar is flashing to charge a super!
-There are four kinds of super: Barrage, Nova, Beam, and Bomb.
-All supers interrupt and damage players, even during dash or heavy dash.
-While charging and firing a super you are immune to only projectiles. You are not immune to either kind of dash attack or any super.
-The exception is the Nova attack, which after charged is immune to any other attack, including supers.

-Beam will slow down a Nova.
-Only the "beam" part of Beam has a hitbox. You can flank the beam and strike the opponent's backside.
-If two beams collide they will do a beam clash. This restores energy to both players.

All attacks stun the opponent a varying amount. The amount of stun a player has left is indicated by the combo meter.
-While stunned you cannot do anything! Stunning opponents and combo-ing them is key to doing more damage, so keep this in mind before using a heavy dash and launching the opponent far away.
-If a player hits the ground or the walls while stunned, they will receive more stun. All players bounce off the walls, but you need to hit the opponent hard into the ground to bounce them otherwise they will slide. "Bounces" deal more stun!

All non-super projectiles and regular dashes can be blocked. This is done by holding the direction key opposite to where the attack is coming from.
-Use blocks to gain advantage on an opponent!

-You can dodge while doing other attacks. Use this to aim the heavy attack.
-Your speed affects how far you launch an opponent upon doing a strike. Dodge into the opponent right before reaching them to launch them much further!

-The dash is invincible to projectiles. Be aggressive if the opponent is trying to zone you!

-If the opponents hit each other while both are doing a dash, they will bounce off each other.
-If they are in the heavy dash state, they will do a short clash animation before bouncing away. During the animation energy is restored to both players.
-If a player doing a heavy dash hits a player just doing a regular dash, the player doing the heavy dash will get the hit.