Mio Cleans Her Basement

Published 2022-11-03

Make sure to read "controls + how to play" before playing!

A turn based roguelike with a cat in it.

There is no wait button.

There isn't any sound as I play pico-8 games muted.

This is my first pico-8 game!

[Arrows Keys] - Move Mio (the cat)

[Shift] - Use item

[Z] - Drop item

[X] - Store item (up to four can be saved for the next floor)

[F] - View blessings

[S] - Increase game speed (Move about faster)

[D] - Decrease game speed (Move about slower)

[E] - Restart

Mio is a cat who exists.

Mio is called Mio because she Meows.

She wants to go to work, but isn't sure where her car keys are.

To start, pick up the orb in Mio's house.

In her basement, you will see many question marks, each representing a spooky ghost.

Make sure you know how fast and where each ghost is, as entering a room with a ghost will make that ghost invisible.

Mio will be hurt if she runs into an invisible ghost.

After finding the orb in each floor, the ghosts will reveal themselves, and you will need to return to the start.

The doors you entered will be replaced by ghost doors.

The ghosts attack via bombs, make sure you aren't standing in range of the bombs when they explode.

Defeating ghosts increase how many ghost doors you can enter without taking damage.

This is indicated by ghost doors being dark if you are able to enter them safely.

Collect yarn to buy items, and axes to break through walls.

Items can be obtained from shopkeepers, or found in the basement

There are two types of shopkeepers, one who sells items, and one who exchanges items for blessings.

Blessings are passive effects which can (mostly) help Mio.

You can have up to 6 blessings, and each item gives a different blessing.

If you have the max amount of blessings, you may sell all of them at once for 5 yarn each.

if you need help understanding what each item does, then click the spoiler.

Car Key: Ends the game

Car Horn: Takes you to the bonus levels

Doorknob: Kills all ghost doors

Book: Place down to kill all ghosts in its radius. Step on it to make it explode.

Lucky Rock: 50% chance to heal one health point. 50% chance to do nothing.

Fat Rat: Blows up all rats. These explosions hurt Mio, not the ghosts.

Odd Slug: Kills ghosts diagonally from Mio. Explodes after a few turns.

Tricycle: Moves Mio in the direction she moved last until she hits a wall. All ghosts caught in this line are killed.

The Feather: 50% chance to kill all ghosts. 50% chance to hurt Mio.

Broken Bulb: Reveals all ghosts. You still are required to pick up the orb.

Copycat: Uses the item Mio used last. Does nothing if Copycat was used last.

Metal Shield: Protects Mio from one point of damage that floor.

Modified Cannon: Resets the level, Mio gains one yarn and one axe.

Void: Has a random size, hurts ghosts inside of it, and hurts Mio when it detonates.

The Needle: Ghosts have a random chance to become unraveled into yarn.

Explosive Stalker: Mio will sometimes place bombs when she moves.

Telibomb: After 99 turns, Teleports Mio to the bomb. Can be used to return to the start of a floor after picking up the orb.

Lunaxe: Gives five axes.

Solar Silk: Gives ten yarn.

Mouse Meat: Removes one yarn, gives heals one health point.

The Note: No use?