Penny the Pumpkin V1.1

Published 2023-04-02

by @kaimonkey

Left/Right arrows: Move Penny left or right
Up/Down arrows: Stretch Penny up or down
X/O/Z buttons: Make Penny jump. HOLD jump for a bigger leap!
Menu/Space: Access the menu, featuring a soft-lock ejector just in case!

Penny the Pumpkin takes you on a delightful platforming journey with light puzzles to solve. Guide Penny, our lovable gourd, as she collects 12 precious coins! Your progress is saved every time she grabs a coin or enters a new area.

Once you've collected all 12 coins, put your skills to the test by unlocking the thrilling speedrun mode! Note that saving is disabled in this mode, so it's all about your skill and reflexes. Can you beat the programmer's current record of 2:51.5? 🏆

The physics is relatively simple, with the character animations being based on a very simple spring math:

Each level uses a different screen pallete, which often use the secret palette. Additionally for the title screen, a (trick)[] documented by @BoneVolt is used to switch to a different pallete for the area of the screen behind the logo! I had to do some extra bit of bit math to have it drawn to an arbitrary place on the screen without clobbering memory!