Mystic Dungeon V1.5

Published 2023-06-12

This is a small roguelike inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei games

You will encounter enemies while you explore the dungeon. Each enemy will have a weakness. Enemies also have a random change to hit or miss you at each turn. The likelihood of encountering an enemy is indicated by the compass. When the compass has a red ring, you will encounter an enemy soon.

You will find a ladder on each level. This level will take you to the next floor. Each floor will increase the enemies difficulty.

You can press X to open the map. Use this to find items and the ladder.

The player is indicated in the map by a yellow point with an arrow in the direction you are facing.

Throughout the dungeon you will find various items. Health items will increase your max health and current health.

MP items will raise your max MP and your current MP. MP is used to cast spells.

Power items will increase the amount of damage you deal to an enemy.

Random items will give you either a random stat buff or a debuff. link