Marble Merger

Published 2023-06-12

Seems like everybody's making a clone of Suika Game these days - here's mine!

Drop marbles into the container - if two marbles of the same size touch each other, then they merge together to form a single larger marble, and you get some points (larger merges have larger value). If a marble comes to rest while going past the top of the container, you lose!

It's an endless game, so post your high scores in the comments!

My main goal here was to make this version of the game look and feel as smooth as I could manage. The three features which are most relevant to that goal are:

I've been thinking about adding a mouse-only mode, which could make the game comfier to play on a phone. Let me know if that appeals to you, or if you have other feature-requests! I'm also happy to answer questions about how any part of the code works.