SLACKER - (A 'Stacker' Demake)

Published 2023-04-02

Hi all,
This is my first PICO-8 submission and, probably, my first ever (completed) game! :)

SLACKER is a tribute to classic "stacking" game that many of us wasted lots of time (and money) playing down the arcade. However, unlike the real one, this game is NOT rigged... (but it IS hard!) ;)
I've even included four possible prizes to select from, should you reach the top!
(who's gonna be the first to "catch 'em all" - no cheating!) ;)

Hope you enjoy it - I spent WAY too long on what was supposed to be a "quick game to learn PICO-8"

Updates in v1.2:
• Now supports 60fps (thanks to @zep for adding it to PICO-8 v0.1.9)
• Also made it a tad easier (was too difficult before - not sure it was really 'beatable'!)

Z/X - Place Block(s) / Select Prize
Arrows - (not used)

--- Release History
1.2: Now supports 60fps and also made it a tad easier (was too difficult before!)
1.1: Removed exploit that made game much easier + added screen shake when prize drops
1.0: First version