Glenn Greenwald: "Edward Snowden and the Secrets of the National Security State"

Published 2015-04-13
Glenn Greenwald, best known for his series in "The Guardian" detailing classified information about global surveillance programs based on top-secret documents provided by Edward Snowden, spoke speak at the University of Utah on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Greenwald, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist who sparked a worldwide debate over freedom of speech, provided the keynote address during Secrecy Week, a week of events sponsored by the College of Humanities exploring government surveillance in the U. S.

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  • Marie Turner
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  • James P
    This is a joy to watch. He’s such a brilliant speaker.
  • ritcha02
    What an eloquent and knowledgeable person to deliver such an excellent talk with no notes. Can’t think of many politicians who could do that these days.
  • Ryan Nafe
    Greenwald is one of the very few journalists who actually have a set of principles and live by them. He and I would be at odds on many political issues but there’s absolutely no denying that the man has a level of integrity and commitment to his principles that is extremely rare in his line of work.
  • Miami Dade Girl
    I'm not the type of person to listen to a boring speech or meeting. But this man has a gift at speaking. I listened to all of it🤯
  • J Von
    If everyone in the political arena, globally, had even one quarter of the conscience and integrity of Glenn Greenwald the world would be an entirely different place.
  • Stacey Arey
    I had never heard of this gentleman, and yet once I started listening to him speak I had to hear the whole thing through! I was able to finish about 80% of his sentences, because everything he is saying is as close to truth as I have heard in a long time.. and, everything he is saying, is obvious to a person who has a rational mind that is capable of reason
  • Wooden Wolf
    This guy is right on the target, for 150 years, Congress has conducted beneficent business for themselves that manifest into laws they expect you and I to abide by, but do not abide themselves.
  • Nigel Woodley
    Hooray for people like Edward Snowden. I wish there were thousands more like him
  • John Moxon
    I'm 66 and greatly appreciate what both of you have done. My friend, an attorney, supports the patriot act and secret tribunals and I just don't understand how someone trained in the law and a graduate of UofU lawschool could arrive at that viewpoint.
  • Doug Lawrence
    An excellent articulation of important issues for democracies all over the world, well balanced and non partizan. Excellent and informative. Thank you.
  • Leonard McCannon
    This should be absolutely required viewing for everyone. Share it with everyone you know!
  • Mark Taylor
    Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and other brave whistleblowers who have exposed the extent and criminality of our national security state should have all charges against them dropped and be awarded the Medal of Freedom. It is mind bending how most Americans just meekly accept the continuous attack on their privacy by their own government.
  • kdkseven
    Glenn Greenwald is one of the very few journalists consistently hammering on these most important issues.
  • Lou Elaine
    I'm a Canadian, and I hung on every word of this exceptional talk by an exceptional person
  • Richard Deluna
    Thank you for your time and consideration in giving the moment of clarity to all the people that are in the darkest about the government.
  • daveo macron
    Big shout-out to the Regents of the University of Utah for having the grit and moral clarity to allow such an important discussion within their halls.
  • Ellen Dunsmore
    Glenn entertaining, informative, and always. The way in which he undeniably proves points so effortlessly with a logic that every person can relate to is what makes Glenn such an amazing journalist.
  • Thelma Mccreery
    I am so glad to see youtube would allow this on your platform. Thank You. There is of course more to this story and the Best part is they will be held responsible for their actions.