SAVAGE SALVATION Trailer (2022) Robert De Niro

Published 2022-10-27

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  • D. James
    Jack Huston is a brilliant screen presence, and like many others, underrated and overshadowed by "big names". You can tell he isn't in this profession just for the glory, but to deliver amazing performances.
  • GordiansKnotHere
    Glad to see De Niro, Malkovich back, the cast looks great. Looking forward to this one!
  • Keith Murphy
    Malkovich is clearly the secret drug kingpin
  • Andy Drudy
    Great to see De Niro doing some serious movies. This looks great!
  • Zelda Smith
    DeNiro is compelling, nuanced and complicated as an actor.
    He's way out of reach of any producer/director but it's wide open for a great script because DeNiro knows his life is a canvas and the clock is ticking.
  • Khalilah D.
    I love this storyline. It looks really good ❤
    Jack Huston was exceptional as Richard Harrow in "Boardwalk Empire"
    Robert DeNiro is one of the GOAT actors in the history of cinema.
    Looks like I'll be seeing this in a movie theater...👍✌
  • Curt Conroy
    What a cast. Huston is an amazing screen presence
  • Paul Rogers
    I'm guessing John Malkovich will turn out to be the big boss
  • Tommy Morgan
    Finally looks like something actually with a bit of substance offered to De Niro and John malkovich.
  • Mr. Church
    Can't believe Quavo is going to be in a movie with Robert de Niro
  • Denis S.
    Thank you. Now i know about 50% about how this movie will pan out, including revealling the villain after introducing him as a ¨good guy¨.
  • Brian Weatherman
    "if that wasn't God pushing me to do this I don't know what it was"

    As a Christian that is one badass line.
  • Mher Khachatryan
    First i watched a trailer for a trailer, then it felt i watched the whole movie, thanks
  • A C
    This looks great. Jack Huston is a brilliant actor.
  • Redneck Hero
    Looks damn good. It comes out the same day as Violent Night
  • hogcaller
    This looks to be a good one, can't wait !!