NI-KI doing gravity-defying dance move

Published 2021-06-04

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  • @swan98
    Watch the video till the end ✌
  • @yourslovingly77
    The fact that he still has the jacket is so adorable 😆🤭🤭
  • @empaul1808
    I once tried it and it's actually dangerous for those people who doesn't have enough muscles in thigh and leg area to suppprt their weight because it can cause a fracture to your knees
  • @Nikizumetto
    Knowing that you and your bias have similarities is sooo exciting .. he became my bias after knowing that he's also a big fan of MJ. <333
  • @meow-vc9jg
    You can't deny. He is the best dancer among fourth generation idols or you can say best dancer in kpop .
  • @Enhafun
    wow ni-ki is so strong powerful 4th gen maknae
  • @bree_breea.781
    if yall didnt know, mj used special shoes that had a V cut on the heel his shoes that hook onto nails/pegs that were put onto the floor board. thats why h can see a small dark board on the place ni-ki was doing it on, and he’s probably wearing shoes provided by the staff that work there. nonetheless, both mj and niki are phenomenal dancers.
  • @Vor567tez
    He makes it look so easy but it's actually hard.
  • @jerika8694
    as a hardcore mj fan (not even kidding), i was so happy when i found out niki was too
  • Those are special shoes. But it's not easy, ni-ki is really talented!
  • @Fernanda-gx1eg
    I still don’t get how on earth this boy grew so much out of nowhere!!
  • @bonielog
    That's our legendary maknae 😌💜