Paradox Pokemon Battle Royale! 🌌 Collab with @Gnoggin

Published 2024-07-05
Ever wonder which Paradox Pokemon would win in a battle royale? Well we're booting the simulator up again! Be sure to check out Lockstin's Analysis Video after!:    • Paradox Pokemon BATTLE ROYALE! 💥 Expl...
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Research, Writing and David Attenborough Impression by Lockstin
   / @gnoggin

Animatic, Animation, Backgrounds, Character Design, Coloring, Lineart, VFX, Sound Design, Editing by Jeremey Chinshue

Backgrounds, VFX, Compositing by Edgar Nielsen

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Battle! Area Zero [8-Bit; VRC6+N163] - Pokémon Scarlet & Violet by bran    • Battle! Area Zero [8-Bit; VRC6+N163] ...  

Rock Dawg by Def Lev (EpidemicSound)

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello    • Bomberman Max 2 - Full soundtrack (os...  

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All Comments (21)
  • @The_Zame
    So glad you used my music for this one! this was awesome!
  • @feuille2niggle
  • @Glace_cakes
    I like how half the paradox mon are just vibing, having fun, and then the competitively viable ones immediately choose nuclear warfare
  • @A_Gamer12511
    Pour one out for Iron Bundle, makes sense that he's made out of steel, since his balls are made out of TITANIUM. Out of everyone left, he walks up to the LEGENDARY and TAUNTS IT... makes sense he has the voice of a Battle Droid. Another comedic, yet awesome, masterpiece, TerminalMontage!
  • @johngranado3075
    The Disable and Encore combo had me ROLLING!!!😂😂😂 The fact you did the effects from the games was literal perfection.
  • @gustaniny9438
    4:10 Initiating growling SFX: G r r r r r r r r r r r r r r is truly one of the best things I ever heard from a Pokémon
  • @Gnoggin
    HYPE AS EVER! Was a pleasure to be a part of this once again!
  • @floratakacs2504
    That final battle is genuinely some of the coolest animation I've ever seen music, timing, composition and action wise. I've replayed it like ten times at this point because of how well executed it is.
  • I like how the final fight were just two 1v1s that kept interfering with one another
  • @romelenleg
    4:57 Koraidon roared back INSTANTLY, my guy was taking no disrespect from that mf
  • Sudowoodo embarking on a mystery dungeon journey (with the red scarf) has me so hyped, loved that game
  • @user-jb5fe8sy3t
    1:08 as a competitive pokemon player, "screams in OU" is completely accurate Roaring Moon is so annoying
  • I just realised that the sound of Scream Tail emerging from the Masterball at 1:35 is the sound of hitting someone with “rest” in Super Smash Bros. Terminal Montage is great at adding so many subtle references.
  • The fact they are all in Master Balls in reference to the AI Sada/Turo fight is amazing
  • @juubi249
    Love that Terminal made that 1 point of speed difference between Iron Bundle and Miraidon look like the biggest difference in the world
  • "Laughs in UBER" is probably one of the funniest captions I ever seen in a TerminalMontage video. And boy, there is A LOT of good ones. PS: Why on earth do you have to be so broken Flutter Mane ? Edit: I had no idea that editing a comment removes the likes from it (I lost Terminal like because of it ) ):
  • @milesgoudy2399
    5:14 Koraidon: DUDE YOU'RE GONNA FLOOD US ALL STOP! Roaring Moon: LIKE I CARE!!!
  • @maxmixel28
    6:15 Can we talk about how Iron Bundle, one of the most overlooked Paradox Pokémon, let Miraidon, A Legendary Paradox Pokémon who could very easily one shot it and is known for its speed, get down to face height with it, stared him dead in the face and said- “I’m faster than you!!” Then just blitzes off and proceeds to taunt it the rest of the fight. Just like the Star Wars droid it’s representing, Iron Bundle does not fear death in the slightest. Hardest moment in the whole animation
  • @phathomer3758
    That Iron Bundle vs Miraidon fight was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Truly an embodiment of power vs speed.
  • @kidmagineer
    In every Pokémon battle royale, salamence is beyond a psycho