1967 Shelby GT500 Barn Find and Appraisal That Buyer Uses To Pay Widow - Price Revealed

Published 2020-01-07

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  • donktheclown
    I wouldn't be surprised if the cat was actually the previous owner...
  • Fiasshole
    I'm really impressed that you're going so far out of your way to make sure you pay the widow fairly. There are so many people looking to take advantage and squeeze every little bit of profit out of a score like this. I don't know the first thing about Shelby's or restoration, but this was absolutely delightful. I'd love to follow this project from start to finish!!
  • Steve Eick
    I love to see all these ethical men make an ethical deal with the widow. I think that they are the exception not the norm.
  • S Wong
    Buyer: "So are the headers original?"
    Appraiser: "No, and I can tell by the way the nuts are tightened, the guy who replaced it was right handed, 6'2 and 187 lbs."
  • Justin Crafton
    Need more people like this man in the world. Most buyers would've tried to pick the value of the car apart and after finding out about the engine not being completely stock they would have used that to get over on the owner/widow. Happy to see this man paid the owner what the car was worth !!
  • Texas Plinking
    I could never imagine knowing that much about a particular car. So impressive to see someone with that knowledge.
  • Rosco
    Guy did right by the widow, I wish him the best.
  • One of the best car videos I’ve seen in ages, good detail, no showboating, bragging etc, nice honest folk and not trying to rip anyone off.
  • Sam Payton
    I would honestly say I’m jealous of your find. The integrity of the chassis itself is in tact. It seems they tried their best to keep as much as they could original. The restoration would be very time consuming and expensive, but well worth. A unicorn being brought back to life, there are no words. Giving the widow a fair price, was epic. You helped restore humanity while you’re at it.
  • Hugo Hernandez
    I found the video fascinating in so many levels...not just the beauty of the car. The level of knowledge of those involved, but above all the fact that the potential buyer went through all of this to pay a fair price to the widow. There are still decent and people with honor in this world.
  • The appraiser was incredible and the buyer was a true fair player. Thank you sir for dealing square with them, you went above and beyond.
  • Carmen Huff
    So happy it was what he was looking for. It’s so wonderful he gave the widow a nice price. It’s great to know that there are still honest people too.
  • This is awesome. If this was a made for tv show on discovery they would have stretched it to 1 hr with a bunch of stupid cliff hangers before commercials . Love you YouTube.
  • Much respect for actually giving the widow a fair price for that car when my grandfather was alive he had a farm with a very large barn and a bunch of old cars in it one of them was a 1964 barracuda and very nice condition when my grandmother had to sell her property and go into a nursing home some shady shyster gave her $250 for the car so I definitely take my hat off to you for being honest!!!
  • Tom Mantle
    I love hearing absolute masters at their craft talking about their expertise like that appraiser guy.
  • Shane Cormier
    Thank you for being honest with the seller. She had no idea what it was worth, and it's amazing that you did her husband proud.
  • C Cole
    Respect for the ethical buyer giving the widow what the car was actually worth
  • Rodrigo Gomez
    Pawn Stars: "Best I can do is 3,000 and I'm taking a risk at getting my money's worth"
  • Roddale Wynn
    I would love to see an update to this segment. My neighbors mom was sitting on a Boss Mustang for so many years and never knew what she had until we went into her barn looking for some vintage Barbies. A guy flew out from Ft. Worth Texas the following week with his appraiser. She made $48 grand on a car that she had all but forgotten that she had stored away in 1986 after her husband past.