5 Tips for New Google Workspace Admins

Published 2021-02-04
5 Tips for New Google Workspace Admins - Are you a new Google Workspace administrator? How do you enforce effective and secure policies? Here are some of my best tips.

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In this video we will talk about my 5 best Tips for New Google Workspace Admins

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All Comments (21)
  • You're a really good teacher. Do you teach how to use the different sections within Google Workspace?
  • Great vid. Yup. My favorite part of device management is the ability to preload desired apps. We had different apps for each division.
  • @ethanunick83
    Thanks so much these videos are great. I do some basic stuff for restaurants. By the way, what software do you use to do the little Picture in Picture? the quality is nice.
  • When it comes to the corporate phone wiping we had an employee leave on bad terms and they had changed the password on the phone and connected it to their personal Google account. Any ideas on how to reset the phone?
  • @GigaBuzzStore
    Many thanks for your tutorial. I got inspired by it and performed the dns check. That was disaster. I had some critical problems, ( Black magic on how to fix it) but finally I managed to work it out and has no issues with the dns at all now, thank you.
  • @Repsaj009
    Nice video. Do you have any tutorial configuring GCPW?
  • @fschnidi
    Hi! great video! I was wondering. If I have the google workplace starter pack.. will my main gmail emailaddress be also my admin email adress? Or do I get to create another email account without paying another $8 ? hope this makes sense:)
  • What prevents a user from syncing chrome on a personal device if you only want on work devices? Does this break dual authentication?
  • Namaste from India. I just saw your informative video while searching solution to my problem. I just shifted my hosting from one to another and then the problem came in. I was unable to receive emails but able to send so I figured out that it was a problem of MX records, problem solved in PC. now the second problem was when I tried to log in to my workspace account on my Android mobile only one email was configured but for the other one, it said: A managed account already exists. only one managed accounts is allowed for this device. if you have questions, contact your organization's admin. (I am the admin) . It worked very well on my iPhone before the hosting change and now I changed hosting and mobile too, now I am using Android. Let's see if you or any other expert can solve my problem. Many thanks in advance if you spare time to reply or solve my problem.
  • @faramutia1450
    Hi, do you know how to delete a user's file from the workspace admin portal? Thanks!
  • @abasmohamed1525
    Hello, Is there anyway to prove that your google account may have been compromised by the admin ? I currently have access to the admin end of things. Thanks
  • The website is admin only, like YouTube studio and google ngram viewer that used for memes.
  • @201cag
    Do you have a complete course on google workspace admin?
  • When I input my contacts, how can I share it will my staff? Is that possible?
  • @jungkijungki5182
    hi why the user cannot see their search history in the web and app activity. It also shows "this settings is currently not available on your account type". How to fix it in the admin console