15 Most Incredible Giant Robots In The World

Published 2020-06-18
Humans have built some pretty incredible things. Washing machines now take care of our clothing, and we can even order food online directly from our fridge… but how cool are our giant robots, y’all!? From an anti-robot that could form part of a racing squad to a Russian robot that got fired, here are 15 of the most incredible giant robots in the world.

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  • Can you say ,"Terminator" , sure, I knew you could. Come on kids, let's see what Arnold wants to do today. Sarah who ?
  • @BlazinNSoul
    Meanwhile in Japan they've just built a giant Gundam nearly the size of the space shuttle lol.
  • @TM-xz2kj
    I believe that most of the "robots" in this episode should be classified as something else because most (almost all of them in the list) of them were manned and controlled/driven by a human. So if by the standards presented in this video, our cars and airplanes are robots.
  • @GilesArt
    It's all fun and games until someone says you have 20 seconds to comply
  • @yuian6048
    Meanwhile in japan: makes an movable 1:1 scale gundam
  • @OrionKincaid
    Being a die hard Mechwarrior fan this video gives me pee shivers with anticipation! Would love to pilot a "REAL" mech!
  • @smoglesink
    It’s just a matter of time before gundams replace all military machines
  • @cosmicbruh259
    The most giant one is a big city that transforms into a big robot on a planet called Cybertron
  • "The Landwalll-ker" looks like Ed209 from RoboCop. I would have to add a PA system with some preloaded phrases, like "You have five seconds to comply!"