Driving Modern Roundabouts

Published 2015-08-11
Driving Modern Roundabouts teaches beginning drivers, or those new to driving roundabouts, how to identify legal and safe movements through a roundabout configuration. Produced in cooperation with the cities of Lacey and Olympia and the Washington State Department of Transportation, this video is a simple demonstration of how to navigate a roundabout for everyday driving and explains some of the advantages to using roundabouts in our transportation system.

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  • john172867
    Roundabouts can be intimidating at first but are so much better than traffic lights.
  • Peter Tuijtjens
    If only they had build a bicycle path next to the pedestrian path...
    It really doesn't cost that much to get it right the first time.
  • Craig Tate
    Well this kinda illustrates my point of needing mandatory remedial drivers education, heck I didnt even know how to use these things before watching this
  • Dio Brando
    they are making bops like this in 2002 what legends
  • Bob Hope
    It seems the 2 lanes in a roundabout is confusing for the uneducated driver. I've been driving 50 years and I just now learned the correct way to handle the 2 lanes.
  • Rose x
    7:23 makes so much sense lol i wish i knew this before driving through one for the first time completely lost
  • Ian Deitchler
    Heck, I wish there were some around greater Seattle! Is fun to get to go through them when I'm in Issaquah and the Eastside. To me, with defensive driving and following the 20mph limit they aren't confusing at all.
    What your guy's "cars per day limit" for roundabouts of whether or not they can be installed in an area? Jc :-)
  • I programmed and RIGHT lane should ONLY turn right literally 11x safer. This allows easier merging especially for older drivers
  • Insoft
    UK have a slightly different rule for cyclist, a cyclist making a u turn or taking the last exit can ride on the outer lane, the far left in the UK in the US that would be their far right tho I prefer going by the rule that applies to all, I find it safer and drivers know clearly your internet and think this UK rule needs changing for cyclist
  • BobsGT235
    He forgot to mention that roundabouts are cheaper to install vs a traffic light.
  • Max F
    Just got my license again after 15yrs & they didn't teach this. Helpful vid, now I know what I'm doing wrong at the Jones Beach Pencil a few miles south of meh
  • Dr10s
    This is one of the best explanations I have found, but it still has a couple of omissions/weaknesses. First, the examples and videos only depict low-volume traffic, and ignore what happens at intersections of high-volume roads during rush hour. Second, the depictions are all of roundabouts exiting exclusively onto multilane roads (the same number of entering and exiting lanes). This is not always the case. Some exits have only one lane, and this creates potential conflicts with vehicles in both the right and left roundabout lanes trying to exit at the same place. I assume that the driver in the left lane must yield in that case, but ignoring such problems oversimplifies things.
  • Diane Shatto
    Is it okay to stop at the yield sign if there are several cars going through the round about? I was told you should never stop but I don’t see how to get into a round about without coming to a full stop if there is one or more cars in the round about and several following them to come in.
  • LtKedobu
    Thank you Dusty and the Announcer.
  • Mark Buse
    Smaller diameter roundabouts enable reckless drivers to charge the intersections without bothering to yield or even slow down very much. They are extremely dangerous for pedestrians already, but deadly when too small. If WS-DOT is going to promote this gimmick, then the state of WA needs to mandate minimum diameter rules based on traffic speed, and more safety measures for pedestrians.
  • stupid man thing
    I hate roundabouts because there so confusing and I get nervous driving through them but this video really helps.