NAPO | *Award-Winning* Animated Short Film

Published 2021-10-28
Com o agravamento de sua doença, um senhor precisa se mudar para a casa de sua filha, onde seu neto reinterpreta fotografias antigas em desenhos, o ajudando a recuperar memórias perdidas.

With the aggravation of his disease, an old man moves to his daughter’s house, where his grandson reinterprets old photographs into drawings, helping him to regain lost memories.


Director • Gustavo Ribeiro
Soundtrack • Francisco Okabe
Sound Design • Kelvin Souza and Leonardo Lima
Producers • Thais Peixe And Gustavo Ribeiro
Screenplay Writers • Gabriela Antonia Rosa and Gustavo Ribeiro
Story Concept • Daniel Freire, Gabriela Antonia Rosa, Gustavo Ribeiro
Production Design • Rayner Alencar And Giovani Kososki
Executive Producer • Thais Peixe
Executive Directors • Bruna Bastos And Thais Peixe
Assistant Directors • Renan Dos Passos And Bruna Bastos
CG Supervisor • Giovani Kososki
3D Animation Supervisor • Hannry Pschera, Christian Weckl, Felipe Iglesias And Gustavo Ribeiro
3D Team • Bruna Bastos, Heloisa Duda, Luan Francisco, Giovani Kososki, Gustavo Ribeiro, Renan Dos Passos And Thais Peixe
Editors • Victor Spadotto And Gustavo Ribeiro
Public Relations • Branco Comunicação

All Comments (21)
  • Kai_
    My 4 year old brother and I watched this after my grandpa died, he then asked "Do you think grandpa remembers us?" I cried and he hugged me the rest of the day.
  • The fact that the filmmaker made me understand that his grandfather is a widow who has just come to live with them, after being diagnosed with Al Zeheimers without making the characters say a single word, is incredible
  • Peter Shim
    I almost didn't finish the little movie. I became so emotionally affected. I'm 71 and feeling very vulnerable from time to time. This little story gives me a little hope. ❤️🙏🏼
  • ana
    Depois de assistir o vídeo por um tempo, notei que a animação é brasileira e isso me deixou tão orgulhosa. Isso realmente ficou incrível! Parabéns a todos que se dedicaram a essa obra! ♡
  • horse power
    This is wonderfully put together. My grandfather has severe Alzheimer's, getting worse every day. He moved in with my parents a while ago, and has since forgotten nearly everyone and everything. It is so hard for everyone involved, and takes so much patience to deal with someone who's memory is gone. This is such a sweet film.
  • Sheila Maizan
    As the eldest daughter that has reached the age of getting married. I realized there are a lot of moments rarely captured in pictures all along my life. This made me realized why my parents or mostly elders love to take pictures when their loved ones gathered together or simply when the silliest moments occured, because they want to keep the memories and treasure it. Thank you for capturing this message in the most wonderful way. A well-deserved movie indeed.
  • ER -
    As a granddaughter I felt this so deeply, I was sobbing as I was watching this. My grandpa passed away in our house last summer, he was one of my friends, my partner in crime, a father figure and he had a faith in me like no one else. He was ready to go for a while but still miss him and I would do anything for one last hug or one last conversation with him. I know he’s looking after me and that gives me comfort.
    Sending everyone who’s lost someone much love!!
  • Adela Faith
    This should be part of essential dementia training! What a beautiful, emotive animation that crosses all languages and goes straight to the heart.
    Interesring it shows there is no comfort from news channels - just greyness and more life sapping fear! Bravo being creative!
  • Naomie Goldingay
    My grandma has Alzheimer’s and forgot who I was the other day for the first time. Seeing this film reminded me what was most important. Even though she doesn’t remember who she is, or who I am, I treasure all of the memories I have of us together for the both of us.
  • Claire Storace
    I showed this to my kids in class today and they all reacted well to it!! I love how feelings were conveyed without the need for words!!
  • Alina Habert
    Maravilhoso ! Emocionante , sensível , real e mágico . Todas as emoções de filha e neto presentea. Uma beleza de animação . Orgulho da arte brasileira ! Parabéns a toda equipe 👏👏👏!
  • Dee
    I was the daughter in this story. I lived it. This made me cry. My dad was the kindest man you could ever meet. I love this.
  • Rui Ramalhinho
    Somos quatro alunos da escola de Alvito, uma pequena vila no Alentejo, Portugal. Agradecemos aos nossos amigos brasileiros por tanta arte e coração. Filme lindo!
  • Efe Bektaş
    My grandmother passed away last winter. She had dementia and we started to look after her in our house. İ couldn't be there when she passed away and i couldn't go through my grief since it feels like she's not gone. While watching the short film i just bust into tears in the middle of the night . Thank you so much for everyone who've come up with this film.
  • T. Mendes
    É inacreditável que não tenha ficado entre os finalistas ao GP do Cinema Brasileiro deste ano. Vou além: poderia tranquilamente estar entre os indicados ao Oscar!
  • É magnífico, sou de Curitiba e vi pelo jornal hoje, é tão belo o estilo, e a história é muito simpatizante além do que ela nos faz rir e chorar e é isso que a torna tão boa! Parabéns pelo trabalho que foi muito, imagino, Deus os abençoe...que continuem com esse trabalho
  • Que mensagem linda de respeito, carinho e amor entre a relação familiar, parabéns à todos os envolvidos nesse maravilhoso vídeo!
  • Mary Corzette
    Maybe there should be more shows like this. To help kids learn about their feelings and maybe the adults aswell. Very nice film.
  • Eu to chorando aqui. Que animação mais linda e que história tocante
    Orgulho de dizer que essa obra de arte é do meu país 💛💛