TOP 12 Unique Flying Machines

Published 2021-07-08
Enjoy a selection of the best personal flying machines of 2021 with beautiful music. From homemade hoverboards and eVTOLs to jetsuits and jetwings: 12+ real flying vehicles that actually fly.

00:00 Intro

00:28 12. Omni Hoverboards
   / @omnihoverboards  

01:15 11. CopterPack

02:18 10. Hoverbike Scorpion S3
   / @hoversurfofficial  

03:19 9. LIFT Aicraft HEXA
   / @liftaircraft  

04:46 8. Kitty Hawk Heaviside

06:02 7. Zapata Flyboard Air
07:27 Zapata EzFly

07:38 6. Opener BlackFly
   / @pivotalaero  

08:54 5. Alauda Airspeeder MK3
   / @airspeeder  
09:52 DCL Big Drone

10:32 4. Jetpack JB-10

12:06 3. Lazareth LMV 496
   / @lazarethautomoto  

13:25 2. Gravity Jet Suit

15:21 1. Jetman (Jetwing)
   / @xdubai  

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All Comments (21)
  • @SkyMaXX5
    My top of these aircrafts:
    1. Kitty Hawk Heaviside
    2. Opener BackFly
    3. Jetman
    4. CopterPack
    5. Jetpack JB-10
    The advantage in the choice was precisely the confident level flight. Because many of these devices only have a vertical mode, and this implies a small-town flight. While in horizontal flight, less fuel is spent on the wing, since you only need to push the device, and not hold all the weight on yourself. Accordingly, the range is higher and the speed. Of the vertical ones, I liked the Copter Pack, two large screws, each with protection in the form of rings, and the efficiency of the screws is higher than the small ones. Jetpacks are at the end of the list, because the flight duration is only a few minutes, and there is no safety. In which case the device has no wing, no propeller, nothing to slow down on the air. The parachute will help out only at heights of 100 meters, and they fly much lower.
  • @Sorarse
    These are all amazing machines and represent massive steps forward in this particular field of aviation. The biggest problem I can see for the majority of them at the moment is the lack of endurance/range, but hopefully with advances in battery technology etc, this won't be a long term problem.
  • @Wayway811
    Much respect to the guys and engineer's who keeps developing and pushing this technology forward.
  • @dweiss1
    A number of fun machines to watch and probably to operate. I especially like the Kitty Hawk Heavyside. Near the top of the group in all aspects I was evaluating - range, speed, maneuverability, and noise (very quiet).
  • @kj3rd2657
    We all needs to give a very BIG THANKS to these guys for putting their life on the line when testing out these flying drones, so we can fly them later in safety! May GOD bless them all!
  • @sanjuansteve
    My favorite is one of the most simple and ecofriendly @1:15, just a pair of shrouded electric fans, a cross strut and a backpack with flight controls computer and (solar charged) battery. I also love the idea of being able to remove those fans and mount them onto the leading edges of hang glider wings too.
  • Blackfly looks the most safe and practical option of these for Snow and Island applications..REALLY cool .. The others all seem to have overlooked serious safety design flaws that i think they will struggle to overcome... I truly think we will see a lot of craft like this operating at low altitudes for transport over baron land and sea..All comes down to battery energy density..Bring it on!
  • @androssteague
    This is just over the top impressive. I'm most astonished at how a lot of these are solar powered and their top speeds reach the hundreds. The Zapata EzFlyboard, the Kittyhawk, and the Lazareth are my favorite.
  • Es impresionante ver cómo poco a poco se van haciendo realidad las tecnologías que veíamos de niños en películas y series...
  • @Mr.Noob_T.I
    Oque no passado era só um sonho, hj ja se tornou realidade!!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😮
  • My hats off to these pioneers who have risked their lives over the years. You can see the steady progress of faster, higher, and longer distances. This sort of thing makes me excited for the future.
  • That is just some AMAZING stuff these folks have created!!

    My vote is for the Jetwing. Longest range, VTOL, fastest...3 parachutes...simple strong safe structure.

    These are ALL too risky for me though.
  • @Alkis05
    That vertical lift plane, with 100mi and 40min autonomy, looks very efficient. I wonder what could be done if we had better electric energy storage.
  • @Johny40Se7en
    Kitty Hawk Heaviside and Zapata Flyboard air are proper cool. If they had hydrogen fuel cells instead of crappy batteries or Kerosine, they'd be able to go MUCH further, because of less weight and higher energy density, the latter would be much quieter too. Only problem with the Opener BackFly is the shape. When it's hovering, you can't see in front of you... Alauda Airspeeder looks very elegant. The Gravity jet suit is like a crude Iron Man prototype. Same goes for the Jet Wing, that's kind of like a prototype for the Falcon suit from the Marvel Universe. I can see a lot of them going very far, no pun intended 😛
  • @hiramabiff2017
    What a wonderful world we live in ! I grew up tying old metal roller skates to a piece of wood for my travel and now my grandsons will enjoy the chance to experience such wonders. I was surprised " The Jetson " was not included here.
  • Es estupendo observar estás maravillas tecnológicas.
    Diseños novedosos, modernos y muy adaptados a entornos abiertos y hasta cerrados, de manejo y maniobrabilidad.
    En verdad hace pensar por qué no estamos inundados de estás increíbles máquinas, si ya existen tantos exponentes; que cosa que del hombre de persistir en rudos y Maneras contrarias de moverse. Ojalá se masificaran sus usos, abaratando sus costes de contracciones, y sacando de la calle los vehículos a base combustibles fósiles.
    Es hora de entrar al mundo de las energías renovables y la preservación de los recursos naturales.
  • The jetman with its ability to hold high speeds and altitude is amazing, but I'm partial to the smaller and more compact ones like the zapata, JB-10 and gravity.