4K Virtual Walk in the Forest along the Creek - Upper Coal Creek Trail - West Trailhead

Published 2019-03-18
► It’s Time For Hiking!
We offer you a great opportunity to reunite with nature and feel harmony and peace by taking a virtual hike through the woods along the lovely Upper Coal Creek Trail in Washington State.

It’s a moderately traffic trail that features a beautiful little waterfall, lots of boardwalks, stairs, bridges, old-growth trees and several climbs. You’ll start from the west at Upper Coal Creek Trail West Trailhead.

Be inspired to go out and discover the wonders of the natural world while watching our new 4K relaxation video in a fabulous 4K UHD from beautifulwashington.com/ and proartinc.net/

Take a break from work, e-mail, social networks and get closer to nature. While watching this 4K UHD relaxation video you get a feeling as if you are deep into a forest. It’s a serene and charming place indeed! Listen to peaceful sounds of creek and amazing birds singing!

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All Comments (21)
  • @terilward59
    Thank you for giving this old, disabled mountaineer the chance to walk the trails once more!! It's priceless.
  • @listeningbird
    This video hike is just right for me—thank you! I love the natural sounds, the pace, the pauses to look up or at certain scenes. Your nature hikes help me realign back to my natural balance and I really appreciate you taking the effort to make these. Many blessings! 💐
  • @TheGeekMonster
    Oh, man, I wish we had something like this where I lived. Thanks for keeping the natural sounds instead of music :) Soooo relaxing.
  • @Amuslimah_
    Has been a week since i found out this channel..
    I used to walk/running through the forest for exercise.. Being super busy, has been a year never run anymore, i gain weight.. Decide to run on the treadmill.. And look for something that can motivate me to run longer.. This channel is amazing, i really enjoy it. Thankyou
  • Creio que essa longa caminhada é por um bom motivo deve ser um lugar muito lindo! As vezes é cansativo mais qd chegamos ao lugar desejado o corpo recupera as forças e a beleza do lugar nos revigora e se tem água corrente melhor ainda.
  • Que paraiso lindo! Essa queda d' água, esse barulho como se fosse de uma chuva calma é tudo de bom pra mim a água é vida é abundância é. Virgor. Estou 😍.
  • @boomerbear7596
    Nature walks are one of my favorite pastimes. This will be great for those rainy days when it's just not possible.
  • @Yesbaum
    Great video! When you record your walks, are you using any equipment to stabilise the camera or just holding it up the entire time?
  • @jiajieyan
    I wish I could go out, run, walk in the forest. But I'm locked at home with my work on computer. Thank you for sharing the videos. To an extent, it is saving my life.
  • @Mystdragon
    Added this to my summer hiking list. All trails lists it as easy.
  • @laraslife123
    Here Apr 2020 during isolation. On my bike and playing it back at 2x speed. Perfect! Feels like I am outside. It is snowing where I live.
  • @neonspark707
    spring seems way on its way. reminds me a bit of spring anywhere outside the coniferous regions.
  • I have COVID and this helped me relax and not feel cooped up on Day #5. Thanks for the upload.