Learn How God Lifts You Up When You Are Worn Down with Rick Warren

Published 2017-05-08
saddleback.com/goodness — Have you ever been invited to a dinner party and wondered what’s on the menu? When it comes to God’s promises, we never have to ask what’s in store. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares how all the good “food” is in the Bible and that looking elsewhere simply leads to a hungry appetite. Learn about the banquet Christ prepares for you when you’re under attack and how he wants to bless you with the greatest feast of all.

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  • Lux Lux
    Am 11 and gave my life to Christ at 10 and going through a lot of pain, fake-friends . and have soooooo much peace and have never felt this loved😍
  • For so long, I have grown cold towards God. Even though I start going back to church and yet I don’t know what I believe. I know God loves me and yet I have issues with Him. Accidentally, I watched the video of pastor taking about his son. His pain caught my attention. Imagine I am about to give up upon God and yet pastors sermons gradually soften my heart. I haven’t enjoyed sermons like this for so long. I always have teary eyes. I know the Holy Spirit is working. Thank you, pastor.
  • Jay M
    Thank God for Rick Warren🙏
  • Renz Ezung
    Pastor Rick, you r the right kind needed the most at this generation. May u be more glorified in Him.
  • ZiRui Su
    God knows what I need and he hears our prayers, HE guides me and guards me in my life.
    All the glory and praise is for HIM !
  • Anita Kos
    Thank you precious Jesus!! You sent me this awesome message while I’m in the battle of fighting Lyme disease for over 30 years!! I’m in tears of joy after hearing your message tonight!! I’m in bed every day with unbearable pain. I’m doing treatments at home in the middle of the night! I have my Bible opened at Psalm 23!! Hallelujah!! I BELIEVE YOU WILL HEAL AND RESTORE ME TO PEACE AND GOOD HEALTH!! Just like the woman in Luke 8;43-48 who had an issue with blood flowing from her body for over 11 years!! Her FAITH IN YOU JESUS HEALED HER!! Hallelujah!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!! By YOUR STRIPES I AM HEALED!! In JESUS NAME, I pray!! Amen!! Praise be to GOD!! I love You!! Love, always and forever, your Daughter!! ✝️🙏💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️🌈☀️🙏❤️❤️
  • Fati Abubakar
    Jesus thank you for your love towards me. Amen and Amen 🙏
    Wow, this is everything thing I needed to hear at this VERY MOMENT, GOD is so amazing and so intentional. He sends all the right ppl at the right moment to help me in my journey. PRAISE GOD ! He is so GOOD!
  • Karen P
    You always deliver the Word in the most amazing way Ps. Rick. God bless you
  • Trudy Neufeld
    Rick Warren is the best preacher in the world! Im only 10 and i love him! Rick, U help my small and BIG life problems and r funny.

    Love ,

  • Gabrielle Beldad
    i was in the moment of fear, helpless, hopeless, exausted and more when i opened youtube. i was about to play my favorite rockband playlist to ignore and to divert my horrible emotions when this video appeared first in the list of youtube home. i was hesistant to even try to open this video but something pushed me to do so. ....... upon hearing and pondered everyword from Pastor Ricks mouth ,the bible verses behind every actual situation in life didnt help myself but wipe the tears from my eyes i didnt even noticed that i cried. the war within me, the chaos inside my head,was suddenly replaced with a very comforting feeling. because i know, i know. i am poor in spirit but Amen. i am Blessed. thank you so much Lord for the comfort through this. i know i can depend only to you because You are my only strenght and i know you loved me.
  • Mrs Mensah
    I am so down hearted because everything I do dont go well with me I always read the bible and pray.I also watch you everything night and your preaching keep me going.I know one day God blessing will be upon my life
  • Thank you pastor Rick! ❤💛💚💙 I've learned so much in this video. From this day forward, I will do my best to read the bible daily. God Bless you Pastor! - michelle fr the 🇵🇭
  • Suzette Gordon
    I listen to Rick every day, his messages really help me to face each day, thank you Rick
  • Joseph Perry
    I'm going through a battle right now that would require a miracle from God. My battle requires patience and strength, two things that I thought I didn't have, but as I learned that God is my strength he gave me the patience I needed. Lord thank you for blessing me and preparing me for this battle. Thank you for preparing a victory feast for me in advance. Lord, in my times of need help me keep my eyes on you so I do not sink beneath the waves of doubt.

    Lord, thank you for your promises and for sending your only Son to die for all of our sins. It's in your name I pray, Amen.
  • Eve Arcana
    This was so beautiful and well said. To God be the glory! Thank you Rick Xx