Q&A #17: Bullpups, Stocked Pistols, Delayed Blowback, and More!

Published 2018-04-24

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  • 'How much of a gun guy are you?'

    Ian: 'Well I use boxes of cartridges as book holders for my massive library of gun books, does that answer your question?'
  • Oblithian
    I am not even obsessed with guns like some people, I just like mechanical things. You make the content interesting Ian thank you.
  • ThrowingItAway
    Shout out to all those collectors who share their guns so that they can be shown to everyone.
  • Risto Alanko
    The best gun cleaning "solution" is hot water. I do a lot of black powder shooting and could'nt live without it. When I was doing my 11 months in national service in Finnish Army, I once cleaned my heavily fouled RK62 (lots of blank ammo!) in hot shower. It was the cleanest gun I have ever seen, and our armory sergeant said: " Yes, clean, but the next time gets you 10 days in the cage!". Oil and lots of scrubbing only after that...
  • Shiranami Rei
    the french, finns, italians, and japanese are all definitely underappreciated in the world of firearms design
  • SnoutBaron
    One of the braced pistols I've been seeing quite a lot of these days is the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1. Amazing what can get around legislation. Better yet, in my country (South Africa), it doesn't even come with a brace and instead comes with a proper stock since it's classified as a pistol regardless.
  • Conn Clark
    There is something to add on buying a machine gun. Some states don't allow possession of machine guns. So the the first step would be to move to a state that allows it or change the state law.
  • happy haunter_55
    "Everything in firearms design is a compromise"
    Oof I'm telling Hk on you
  • perochialjoe
    Now I'm really curious about the M60 and the M249 designations.
  • Blackhart Films
    I'd like to add on the point of 3D printing that additive manufacturing is inherently weaker in design than most other methods. In plastic, for example, an injection moulded part can be very very strong because the liquid polymer can cool into a single monolithic piece. In additive manufacturing you have each layer cool individually one on another, which creates a kind of "wood grain" to the final product. The danger of delamination means that extra care has to be put into planning layer directions in stress bearing parts. In that case, something like a single weld makes more sense- like your WWSD lowers. The honeycomb internal is made possible by casting the parts in two halves then welding them. Yes that makes the seam a weak point, but that's better than hundreds or thousands of them in a print.
  • alflurin
    The closest process to 3D printing in those terms, is the lost wax process. My father used to work in that field and it was widely used in the Swiss arms manufacture to get the precision of milling with the capabilities of casting.
  • Locutus494
    32:10 The Desert Tech MDR should definitely be mentioned here! I realize it's new and no one has a lot of experience with it, and it's also not a military gun, but it should definitely be a contender! If it can bring Karl around regarding bullpups, it must be good! ;)
  • Asa Dunbar
    one day Ian is going to be that 100yr old dood that knows EVERYTHING about guns, machining processes, history etc. he's well on his way. Excellent class, bud, the robe has got me cracking up (sips a tea mug). love your show, keep up the good work.
  • Camocheese
    I had always wondered about those "missing" weapon designations. Today I learned something new. Nice.
  • DriveCarToBar
    Helpful tip from guitar world: Simple Green is a fantastic all purpose cleaner that will not harm bare wood or even the most delicate of lacquered finishes. Be careful with it on maple though as maple is really hygroscopic and will absorb it readily. But you shouldn't have unfinished maple on a gun (or anywhere really) anyway.
    Simple Green doesn't react with bluing. Also, since it has a pH right around 9, it will neutralize the salts leftover from corrosive primers. This is the same reason it works so well in getting the gunk from your hands, off your guitar's metal parts. You can spray it right down the barrel and it'll be just fine.

    edit and if you're worried about money transfers on a machine gun purchase, you can probably find an escrow service or a title company or an attorney who will hold money in escrow so that it is insured, accounted for and will only be released at the agreed-upon time.
  • Tombs Clawtooth
    Please do a video on the SMAW spotting rifle if you ever get the chance. A roller delayed primer actuated action, completely insane little gun.
  • 5chr4pn3ll
    I would love a video on different strange types of ammo. Like caseless rounds and telescoping ammo for example.
  • Marinko Kobaš
    Ballistol is just a great product. I use it all around the house. A non toxic wd40 so to speak.
  • Mason S
    9 Hole's video on the Vector is really interesting, he makes the case that Kriss poorly marketed it as a military SMG when it's real use case, especially in semi is as a vehicle-bourne PDW. No snag points, high capacity, compact, etc. Maybe not the most realistic use case for most people but I think it makes a lot more sense that way.