Published 2024-01-08

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  • @Noskii
    that is the most glorious RAMP OF DOOM ive ever seen
  • @Ryan_24_8_10
    Great vid twins, the Darth Vader was yelling his heart out, "CRACKED CRACKED CRACKED DEAD, HUNDRED HUNDRED DEAD!!!!!" 😂
  • @RapByQuacc
    Why do the pro players make me wanna quit and encourage me at the same time😂
  • @bradderrs6221
    U guys have been puttin out bangers lately good stuff 👌
    I love how they hit the players for 51 damage and say: 200 dead
  • @Circles866
    The server:Having a war Xam:where are the FNCS guys at?
  • @Escbob
    Suns yelling is hilarious
  • @drkaLOL
    They are hard coming on me. -volx 2024
  • @grootunknown
    Bro Suns and Volx make the best entertainment in this video LOL
  • @jhonnygg9722
    ''We are gonna do what bronze players do best, and that's having fun.''--Legend
  • @saadiqbal1340
    It was so funny when xamy was taking the L on Alex and it was just the og PWR duo Alecc worthy and Jynx
  • @Itzsavage_
    Make the another vid like this 10 fncs winners 90 unreal players or something ( I appreciate you guys doing that)😅
  • @drkaLOL
    I love that suns screaming the whole time he fighting
  • @MrLun1
    banger video w coms from fncs winners
  • @TuxFN218
    Every like this comment gets is 1 pushup
  • @TGM-qz2do
    Do this again but next time have the twins with the bronzes vs FNCS