Ryan Reynolds Hates Himself | Total Savage Funny Moments

Published 2019-01-21

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  • Kalhenwrath1
    Since coming out as Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has been a joy to watch.
  • Lukas
    It isn't a coincidence that the best interview he's ever done is with himself
  • Les Sanderfer
    I love that he does not take himself too seriously
  • sharpy
    He has to hate himself cuz no one else does 😂😂😂
  • brucedeborah d
    I feel much more empathy towards actors after watching the pain they must go through during interviews
  • Saiyan Prince
    You punch a couple hundred orphans and suddenly you're "mean"
  • Pear
    I want a movie with ryan reynolds, jake gyllenhaal, hugh jackman and paul rudd in it

    Edit: okay guys how we’re getting there XD deadpool 3 with hugh baby!!
  • Bunto F
    Jake being the sound guy had me dying
  • V Star
    What makes Ryan Reynolds so endearing is the fact that he doesn't take his celebrity seriously. And also because he's Canadian.
  • LB DJ
    Ryan as deadpool is like RDJ as iron man .
  • Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are a power couple and nobody can convince me otherwise
  • Jack N
    Is Ryan Reynalds mean?
    He’s Canadian
    Gets me every time
  • I can't wait for Ryan Reynolds to join mcu and see his buddy Jake as Mysterio 😂
  • kyle lane
    By far the funniest person ever. Never know what he's gonna say. Amazing
  • Geekgirl616
    Ryan and Jake in the same room is just so much chaotic energy in a concentrated dose! 😂
  • Sophisticated
    Green lantern : I’m about to end this man’s career..
    Ryan Reynolds: no u
  • Gretchen Kim
    Interviews with Ryan and Jake together r so chaotic but I am here for all of them. They're so funny together.
  • justdenise
    Is Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool or is Deadpool playing Ryan Reynolds? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Willow Rosenberg
    Absolutely no one:
    Literally no soul:
    Jake: HE HAS NO EYES!!!!!!!
  • ~𝐀𝐳𝐮~
    "Punch a couple hundred orphans and suddenly your "mean"
    "Jake eats, baby pandas"
    Best ones