Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | NFL Full Game

Published 2016-09-13

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    18:00 - Tom Brady throws end zone interception to Jeremy Lane

    28:42 - Brady throws 11-yard TD pass to Brandon LaFell

    41:08 - Marshawn Lynch rushes for 3-yard TD

    50:28 - Brady and Gronkowski connect for 22-yard TD

    59:16 - Russel Wilson throws 11-yard TD to Chris Mathews

    1:07:14 - Steven Hauschka makes 27-yard FG to give Seahawks the lead

    1:12:00 - Brady is intercepted by Bobby Wagner

    1:17:54 - Wilson finds Doug Baldwin for 3-yard TD pass

    1:40:17 - Brady slings 4-yard TD pass to Danny Amendola

    1:53:48 - Julian Edelman snags 3-yard TD pass from Brady

    2:01:16 - Jermaine Kearse makes insane catch to put Seahawks in scoring position

    2:04:04 - Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson at the goal line
  • Pureblood33
    Legend has it that, on those cool quiet Arizona mornings, you can still hear the echo of Pete's jaw chewing.
  • Ker Loz
    Richard Sherman's reaction to that interception was priceless lol.
  • i must have watched this game 10 times now and i know whats coming and still cant believe it.
  • DilDo Swaggins
    I’m a Seahawks fan and I have to say this was probably one of the best Super Bowls to ever be played.
  • 1xDDH
    Still my favorite Super Bowl of all time. What a fantastic game.
  • Al Bolfoni
    If I could go back in time only once I'd go back to this game just to watch live again and relive the same excitement, what a rollercoaster
  • Ultra
    One of the greatest Super Bowls in NFL history. Such an even, well played game, between 4 evenly matched sides of the ball. Momentum shift after momentum shift.
  • AJPJ10
    As a Seahawks fan, I just got to say even though we lost, this is probably the greatest super bowl ever. A close neck and neck game between the best offenses and the best defenses only for what I hate to admit, but is probably the greatest super bowl play result ever. Just consider the circumstances. You’re at the one yard line, about to win the super bowl, 4th quarter, 30 seconds left on the game clock, with the best running back in the league, and you pass the ball only for a cornerback to be at the right place at the right time and intercepts the ball just wins the super bowl for the entire team. I feel jealous, but this super bowl was one for the books. Nothing but respect to this era of the Seahawks and Patriots. How about I change it up and make my life feel a bit better. So, about 28-3
  • Luís Jesus
    Obrigado, por disponibilizarem mais uma incrível final
  • sephykun88
    I looked away before the interception occurred; I could’ve sworn they would punch it in on a run. I heard my friends call out interception and I thought they were trolling. Turned around and sure enough, the pats were Super Bowl champs again and I started cryin on the floor lol. Incredible comeback
  • Joe Schmo
    Tom Brady’s ring count evolution:
    2015: Tom Brady vs Montana
    2019: Tom Brady vs the NFL
    2021: Tom Brady vs the Lakers
  • John McN
    What an amazing play by Butler. He read that whole play perfectly.
  • Joe C.
    What a game. This the game where Brady became the GOAT. What a career. We'll miss you. 🐐
  • Gabriel Menezes
    From a packers fan, after that nfc championship against Seattle, this was the most delightful thing that could’ve ever happened. Thank you, Malcolm butler
  • rawntrail
    This game was one of the best and I still can’t bear to watch again. I was so upset in losing that way. Go Hawks!
  • Nick
    In fairness, if the pass had gone for a touchdown, everyone would have said how clever Pete Carol was, throwing the ball when New England was keyed in on Lynch.
  • MrSportsGuy13
    An all time great QB and coach vs an all time great defense. It doesn't get much better than this.