Published 2023-03-09

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  • B- Rich
    This is what pure talent looks like ladies and gentlemen.
  • Percy
    I'm so fricking happy that NF's back after a year.
  • MasFace
    Brought back the kid from When I Grow Up 💀 I love it
  • Andrea
    The fact that he doesn’t swear makes him so much more creative than anyone could imagine.
  • Ivan Njora
    if you had it on repeat , you know you should hit the like
  • HiRezTV
    SHEESH....confident NF hits different...
  • Is anyone gonna mention how good this music video is and how much more clean his voice sounds?
  • The way he has evolved as an artist over the past several years is just incredible. This video brings it full circle- feel like we're seeing his personality more too. Top notch
  • Something I've noticed with my personal life that has coincided with NF's music is personal growth. NF's first few albums are about his struggles with himself and his life. I was in the same place myself during those times too. Not for all of the exact same reasons but still felt very similar. Now with more and more of his new songs NF seems more confident in himself and happy with himself and where he is at and that's how I'm starting to feel now for myself. I'm starting to be happy and confident in myself and I like the way my life is heading currently. I really like that NF's music seems to be growing with me.
  • Colosmic
    it's 8 days later and this song STILLLLL GOES HARD and HASN"T DIED OFF YET ON REPEAT!!!!
  • Crypt
    I love the callback to the "When I Grow Up" guy at the end. This was fun to watch my man!
  • Keagan Wirth
    "Oh God, sounds like a nightmare if you ask me, went from my bedroom to the big leagues" Just hits a hard part of my soul no cap 🧢