"What to Do When You Get Another Chance" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2019-11-27
God is a God of second chances. In fact, the Bible says that every new day is another chance from God. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will take you through chapter 3 in the book of Jonah, highlighting five things you need to do when God gives you a second chance. Failure is not the end of your story — discover how you can seize God’s second chance for you today.
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  • KAY-BEE Mission
    I can fully relate with Jonah, I have also messed up my life and calling because of living in lust. It was inside the rehab, after being broken into scraps, that I heard God called me again. This time I have to die to myself and be fully alive in Christ. I have lost everything I possess and even the people I love in my life but I have Jesus in me now. He is not only my Savior but I have made Him Lord and King of my life. Having Him is having everything indeed. God gave me that "mulligan" shot but this time I surrender my hands to Him to make that shot of a lifetime. Thank you Pastor Rick for this edifying message. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  • The Adhd Gardener
    This right here😭😭 im literally sssoooo thankful and grateful that I got a 2nd chance that it brings me to tears. Can't mess up, won't mess up💯🌻
  • Ema C
    Thank you for the good news and God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏
  • Janelle Johnson
    You really speak to me. I'm currently in nursing school, I have been for over a year now with 1 more year ago. My anxiety got so bad over some months, i'm working on coming over a financial cash flow and i just became so frustrated with everything. I even started questioning my purpose in life while failing both of my courses this term. The anxiety and depression came over me and i just shut down. I had to wait whether I could get back in the nursing program or not. I even thought about taking a break from school for 3 months. One of my nursing friends really helped me with inspirational music and words. I prayed and i prayed. I know my purpose and have always known my purpose in life, which is doing to work of helping others and I stopped worrying. Before I got ready for bed I checked my email and I got a letter that I was let back into the program. I know God has heard me and has seen the struggles I went through as being a single mother and the mission I have taken to be used by God of helping others as being a nurse. Of course i'm going to take that opportunity to keep moving again. I'm so greatful
  • Berhane B
    Thank you pastor Rick may God bless you
  • Tigi Alemu
    That’s so true
    Thank you lord for giving me a second chance 🙏🏽
  • esther nyambura
    God bless you so much you have answered most of my questions be blessed ,
  • Leo881971
    Everyday is a second chance 😘
    Thank you Father ❤️
  • Nancy Faith
    Grateful for these teachings, my life is truly blessed by your word.God bless you❤️!
  • Shirley Berens
    Thank God, for second chances from God in my life. Amen!!!
  • K.A. Sharmella
    I am grateful for the small things given to me today. Time with my niece, morning breakfast from my aunt, cheese cake from my brother and his wife, time to workout, enough money to spend on me. The only problem is i cannot get as attach as i used to be with certain people eventhough they seen to be nice now. I have the fear of being hurt by them again. So, i prefer to maintain a distance in the relationship.
  • ChienMinistries
    I am praying God richly bless Pastor Rick & your family & your church family.!!!! Full of peace & full of joy.!!! Much love.
  • ebnphlo
    Great teaching. Thank you.
  • Karla
    So beautiful message. Thank you for share it. God bless you all
  • Crown Prince
    Amen, I should be more grateful than ever before to strive to please God. 👍🙏😇