Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 7

Published 2023-08-03

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  • @colekiesler6721
    Markiplier’s reaction when he got the ending of Cassie using the Scooper to defeat the Mimic and then the game just suddenly ends is FNAF lore at peak.
  • @StormiDaysz
    Mark letting Mimic jumpscare him just to see the detail of his suit up-close is the most Markish thing I've ever seen.
  • @cybersegamer3794
    The Mimic learned how to hide in costumes as well as how to mimic voices. After a brutal attack from it's creator, it learned violence. While observing Gregory, it learned his name and got a new voice. While watching Cassie, it learned how to get out. After chasing Cassie, it learned how to get scooped in the Scooping Room
  • @user-rf9vq2nk2z
    When you press to skip at the main ending before credits you can hear Roxy calling Cassie (with subtitles). I'm feeling like Roxy and Cassie are alive, which could lead to a new DLC with them as the main characters.
  • lets all take a moment and thank markiplier for his time given to entertain us with his uploads and becoming the fnaf king.
  • @poster1000ify
    Here’s to hoping mark is alive and not going through anymore loss 🍻
  • Candy Cadet literally just explained the whole game to us. Gregory's voice represents the lullaby, Gregory and Vanessa represent the mom who locked the monster in the basement, and the Mimic represents the monster in the basement. Cassie is the boy.
  • @owenleal
    I love how Mark allowed himself to get killed just so he could get a closer look at Mimic's attrocious drip.
  • Mark's speech at 12:00 is so wholesome and is exactly how I feel about Security Breach! The hilarious content I watched, the art and community it created. It's amazing. It's priceless. It really shows that perfection is overrated. If you put a lot of love and ambition into something, your work may not be perfect but there will be people who will appreciate it. There's charm in sincerity, always and forever!
  • @kitkatgod_II
    2 weeks without markiplier I don’t know how much longer I can last
  • @luigirocks3075
    The story about the monster in the basement represents Cassidy thinking she hears Gregory’s voice but she gets tricked. That clothing the robot boss wore at the end was the monster.
  • @citruzz_0805
    FNAF never fails to be the most confusing franchise ever
  • @theejordanrose14
    I like that they brought back a bigger scare factor to this DLC. SB was not on brand to be ‘jumpscares’ to me, and this one brought it all!
  • @Azrael_1947
    Mark, I wanna say I'm so sorry. I've rewatched your fnaf series so many times but sometimes I fr be thinking that you were over-exaggerating the jump scare, but I had never played a game, only watched you play. And as of 5 min ago, I've never felt so wrong. I downloaded ultimate custom night since it's free and I thought I could start off easy. And the amount of stress on my bones I felt was crazy. I was playing Foxy and Bonnie on two, consequences on one, and Golden Freddy on five, giving a total amount of 100 points. You played with 4000. I am so sorry for ever doubting you, and I wish you the best of luck battling the stress of these fucking games.
  • @joshbowman1189
    So who all are checking the comments of this video to see if Mark is still alive or just m.i.a. again?
  • @oceanjones4811
    8 years later and here I am, watching the last episode of mark playing a fnaf game, I like that this has never changed, and I can always look forward to mark playing fnaf games
  • @kylobf2180
    For anyone who doesn’t think Mark is alive, he is, he posted on Instagram 7 days ago.
  • @morganwilliams55
    It took five years and four more games, but it's kinda cool that Mark finally got the story Candy Cadet promised him way back in Pizzeria Simulator.
  • @user-ee3iu3fw3t
    For someone that hasn't been with Mark for too long(Only a year), I am so impressed by how much work he puts in! I love him!