Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 7

Published 2023-08-03

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  • @FuntimeAexo
    Roxy fighting the Mimic and calmly saying “give up” is the most Roxy thing I’ve ever seen
  • @otisjoi
    Wow props to the developers for putting collectables in the game that are so secret they're physically impossible to obtain by normal means
  • @owenleal
    I love how Mark allowed himself to get killed just so he could get a closer look at Mimic's attrocious drip.
  • @LonelyDuck69
    2:13 I just realised that when Roxy came to save Cassie after she frees the Mimic (like the amazing animatronic she is) Roxy had to reactivate herself (idk how) then push that cart of her which we see her struggling to do (power of friendship) and then she had to sprint down to the sinkhole to help Cassie JUST FOR GREGORY TO MAKE CASSIE FALL
  • @TheVladacar
    Mark's confusion when he saw a scooping room as if it's the first time he's playing a fnaf game is golden
  • @jacksonlandry4797
    Candy Cadet literally just explained the whole game to us. Gregory's voice represents the lullaby, Gregory and Vanessa represent the mom who locked the monster in the basement, and the Mimic represents the monster in the basement. Cassie is the boy.
  • @luigirocks3075
    The story about the monster in the basement represents Cassidy thinking she hears Gregory’s voice but she gets tricked. That clothing the robot boss wore at the end was the monster.
  • @poster1000ify
    Here’s to hoping mark is alive and not going through anymore loss 🍻
  • @morganstwilliams
    It took five years and four more games, but it's kinda cool that Mark finally got the story Candy Cadet promised him way back in Pizzeria Simulator.
  • @citruzz_0805
    FNAF never fails to be the most confusing franchise ever
  • @shyofthemoon1175
    As a 90s baby, security breach brought me mega nostalgia. It made me wish that this place was real lol.
  • @kitkatgod_II
    2 weeks without markiplier I don’t know how much longer I can last
  • @TulpechaidoplaysMC
    Love how the game introduces the mimic from the book but then proceeds to not explain even slightly what his deal is so anyone who hasn't read it is left completely in the dark
  • @colekiesler6721
    Markiplier’s reaction when he got the ending of Cassie using the Scooper to defeat the Mimic and then the game just suddenly ends is FNAF lore at peak.
  • @frogfootmann
    I think it'd be interesting to look for more endings, such as going the opposite direction Gregory tells you at the end. He says to go right, go left. This could just end in you getting caught by the monster thing, but Gregory did admit that he wasn't going to let you go back to the surface when you did follow his directions, so maybe he led you in the wrong direction on purpose, like Baby in Sister Location.
  • @twodayjayy
    Mark letting Mimic jumpscare him just to see the detail of his suit up-close is the most Markish thing I've ever seen.
  • Watching Mark dedicate himself to 100% completion and seeing him absolutely botch the synopsis is hilarious
  • @chicozyofficial
    Lmao I knew he would forget to play Monty's golf in the end, classic Mark
  • @jeremybrummel3254
    Rewatching these, I think it would be funny if Sun/Moon successfully reopening the daycare was an alternate ending. Or even starting it's own daycare.