"How to Prepare for a Life Reset" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2022-04-27
Life is complicated, and there are so many things that require our attention. It’s easy to get overloaded and start to feel sluggish. It’s time to hit the reset button! However, there are a couple steps toward resetting our lives that have to take place before we begin the journey. This week, Pastor Rick shares four steps you can take to get ready for a reset.

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  • Saya selalu sangat diberkati dgn khotbah2 pastor Rick Warren. Sehat selalu pastor, panjang umur dan terus menjadi berkat bagi penghuni bumi yg hanya sementara ini. Thanks you so much
  • @SofiaJLyons
    I’m so relieved to hear about your positive health news - there’s HOPE for a reset for you and I’m thankful ! The world needs more of Pastor Ricks wisdom & encouragement!!!!!!
  • @egidijad.6119
    The only pastors I trust, is Pastor Rick and Carter Conlon. No showing off, doing acting on stage, but truly delving into Gods word
  • @cpanui
    How great to discover this message! It's especially applicable for me today! I'm blessed by this message and Pastor Rick, again. Amen
  • @deewilson446
    Amen! The story of David revealed to me that nothing I could do, did do, or could ever do can separate me from the love 💕 of God! Yes, I’ve messed up - but if God forgave David - I’m confident He will forgive me - or anyone and EVERYONE else!
  • Hello pastor Rick. Glad to be a part of your subscribers 😍 I have a copy of your book title, WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR? ITS very inspiring handy book and meaningful. Thanks for writing this book for everyone, we love you. New subscriber here, I'm a pure blooded Filipino woman 35 years old and single mom of 3. I am proud as being single mom, and I know God is always there to guide me and always do father responsibilities to my kids. He never leave me alone.🙏
  • Good morning Pastor Rick and my Christian brothers and sisters . You don't know who I am and after listening to this beautiful and integral reaching out in the name of our Lord God Jesus Christ could I ask for prayers. I have been going through mental illness since I was a child and I am now coming up to 48. I hit the reset button weeks ago and became a Christian (I was a Muslim) I have a lady who is coming to help me in 2 weeks with my life ,this is through social services and they have been kind which is what I needed because I was a angry person and I don't want to be angry I want to be kind person, will you help me please Amen 🙏 and thankyou
  • @royharper9472
    My father attended CBC California Baptist College (now University) same time as Rick Warren. In fact we lived across the street from the school. He was the most humble transparent person. I see the weight struggles and his openness about his sons death. THAT IS A PERSON ...I can follow. I can see myself in him. I'm glad he is retiring ...time to take care of yourself pastor we love you.
  • Please Pastor Rick I am so far away from you.. I need your help to restart my life to reset.. and I feel alone.. I hear you I’m watching you and I feel I need to be together with you I need to pour my hurt and let them go.. I need a group that will love who I am and help me to become a new better versione of me.. I’m in tears while I work and I burst when you said if I’m really eager to reset I need a group support.. I need that I need that. LORD GOD YOU OVERWHELMED ME WITH MY BURSTING TEARS.. I know you will give me what I need because I’m asking for it.. because I want you in my life..
  • @Toppy2023
    I love you Pastor Rick. I love your teaching. Keeping you in my prayers.
  • @recamenglish
    Such a wonderful message!!! Thank you!! Indeed, I need a reset. I've loved God all my life, but I need Him to do something new!
  • @MsKP-dz5fn
    Yes, thank you Lord for Pastor Rick sharing on having a Reset in our lives.
    God is showing me that this Reset will be my Best Reset hear and now! 🙂💖
  • I am gleaning so much from Pastor Rick recently. I feel I took him for granted all these years, and now I am trying to soak it all in before it is too late. Forgive me Lord, and Pastor Rick. I ask for a reset in making Bible study a priority.
  • Thank you for sharing this! Really need to have a fresh start after my burn out experience as a student. 😭
  • @newavatar2947
    I watched this last night and got fired up but then woke up this morning to the same bad habits. I'm watching this afternoon again because I know I can do this...