The First Photographs of The Holy Land (1867-1879) Jerusalem’s Monuments by Bonfils [Ancient Judea]

Published 2023-12-06
Howdy ya’ll. Today we have the first photographs ever taken in The Holy Land. Images dated from circa 1867 through circa 1879. Decades before the establishment of Israel, we have photographer Felix Bonfils traveling through Jerusalem, taking the first photographs of numerous aspects of this magnificent and mysterious landscape.

An abundant and important collection of images, the detail here is outstanding, the architecture formidable and ancient, with many of the foundations in tact, yet seemingly everything here has been buried through centuries of weather events and rewriting of history.

It’s honestly dumbfounding to see Jerusalem before the development which occurred during the mid-20th century. In these first photographs we have ancient monuments abound, and for lack of a better term, they all appear original, not renovated or rebuilt, and the cornucopia of people, animals, running water, and other anomalous details for the age of the images only adds to our questioning of the narrative.

How did photographs this detailed exist back then? Why have they not been shared, dissected, and raised to the forefront by academia? What are these images hiding? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments down below. Thank you for 95,000 subscribers. Enjoy!

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  • @scottnyc6572
    “The current narrative” can’t be taken at face value since it’s always changing.
    We need to delve deeper back into our written history since digital book burning has changed the narrative.
  • @lauramclean2384
    Old bibles that grandparents have sometimes contain amazing photos of the holy land, too.
  • @jlindberg
    What went on here on earth before us is an enigma.
  • @23Josilee
    Wow, a bleak, arid place...a place of extreme deterioration, seems to me: and in most places not much people remaining either. These place names and stories are simply what we have been told...the REAL history is probably much different, IMHO. As one lady posits for a persistent reminder: "Always question the narrative" (as I'm sure you do Jarid). Great collection of photos. thank you Jarid.
  • @johnfree2833
    Build it and they will come.....age old tourist traps built around salvation seekers who don't realize heaven comes from within and they are trapped in a death cycle of revenge,like lost ants...-Geronimo
  • @literaine6550
    Spectacular images, wow! This too looks like some kind of cataclyism occurred.
  • @kya9895
  • The music is transcending. Makes the visuals……….chefs kiss 💋
  • @50pinkies67
    Look at the enormous doors and headspace inside these temples and cathedrals all over the world. It just gives me pause. "There were giants in the earth in those days...." 🤔
  • @MrsUFCer
    Your voice sounds fantastic! Whatever you've changed it's working great! Thank you for making these videos.
  • @bretthenke9613
    I thought that Rome was in control of Israel for the last 300 years. Rome was also said to have built all over that nation. So...where are the buildings? No Roman temples, palaces, bath houses, etc, etc.
  • @drock5404
    Its amazing to see the region so undeveloped compared to today. Thanks Jarid
  • Excellent thank you! for sharing an dedication no doubt theses pictures are priceless to people like me who Believes every word in the Bible. The Roman architecture can be seen in arch’s where the plaster has cracked and fallen off the walls
  • @jmc8076
    Love seeing old architecture. Thank you.