Infinite Donations Glitch - Instant Rewards Community Event With Treasure Coordinates

Published 2022-11-23
This will allow you to quickly and easily unlock all of the community event rewards using an infinite donations glitch.


Hola chicos, estáis aquí por un error de donaciones infinitas. Para progresar en el evento de la comunidad, puede donar coordenadas del tesoro. Puede generar coordenadas de la nada. Necesitas la ventaja de bajo un estandarte y el rumoreado mapa del tesoro en el mapa estelar para que esto funcione. Ten algunos fragmentos de mapa contigo.
Coloca un costoso mapa del tesoro. Entonces dona tus coordenadas al evento. Tendrás 0 coordenadas pero podemos hacer algunas. Cambia entre tu mapa rumoreado y tu mapa caro repetidamente. El conteo de las coordenadas de tu tesoro aumentará. Continúe hasta que pueda cambiar a un mapa diferente. Luego intercambie entre esos dos hasta que tenga 300 coordenadas nuevamente. Ranura tu mapa caro. Donar coordenadas y repetir. Esto desbloqueará rápidamente todas las recompensas del evento, como el caparazón fantasma. No hay mucho más para eso. La primera persona en mencionar esto fue slammywhammy.


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All Comments (21)
  • Cheese Forever
    How to skip collecting captains coins and get the rewards
  • Justin Sharp
    I love the implication that in-universe, guardians are utilizing para causal shenanigans to give more treasure for the Eliksni quarter.
  • l33tgama
    RIP to all those Guardians that farmed the coins via the Lost Sectors. Great Job cheese as always appreciate you finding a way to make these events less painful. Happy Holidays in Advance Guardian
  • Was waiting for the coordinates to become available for just this reason. Way to go Mr cheese! Love your content
  • Doan tuan
    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts in the videos for us
  • LOFL Gaming
    For those of you that made an error like I did, make sure that you have Rumored Treasure Map ready to apply after you turn in your donations, then go back to the clicker lol
  • zfg hbs545
    Rewatching this stuff not in remembrance but to see if I can still enjoy his content without feeling down that hes gone. I can safely say his videos will forever be a joyful watch for me, even with the knowledge of his passing.
    Bloody legendary skills to make people laugh. Legends never die
  • Leitz
    Make sure you have the plundered umbral energy map selected after you’re done clicking or you’ll have to go get more coordinates
  • Otilia Mendez
    If anyone is having trouble with this like I did do the following. Turning in your coordinates with the rumored treasure map selected will leave you with 0 coordinates. You can verify this by hovering over the coordinates to donate and you will see donate 325 which is all your coordinates. Instead select the rotating weapon map and donate your coordinates and you will see you will donate 245 coordinates which will leave you with extra so you can do the glitch. Hope that helps everyone out.
  • Jimmy always manages to brighten up my Wednesdays, even if they arent bad!
  • Khoi Do
    13:08 "but the thing is, most opportunities are created by luck. it takes skill to grasp those opportunities and turn it into success". a powerful piece of advice that i will forever hold with me. rest in peace, technoblade <3 :
  • Thanks Cheese! Looks like we'll hit 400M in the next 15 minutes thanks to this
  • zfg hbs2674
    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much work he puts into these videos for us
  • zfg hbs2928
    I love her videos that she makes with her friends and family. Lets get her to 15M.
  • zfg hbs524
    7:51:49 Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many time and passion she put in this videos?
    It is great, and I consider they deserve more than that.
  • DungeonHax
    For those saying the cheese has been patched, it seems it has but don’t fret! Rahool is offering helium filaments for legendary shards. 5 for every 1 shard. If you have a bunch of shards just click that till you have 2400 helium filaments and donate em. No activities needed still. :D Have a wonderful day everyone!
  • Dakota Moyer
    i love it when he plays sessions w the boys, their comedic levels are off the charts
  • zfg hbs5849
    I love how his intro are different and u know he actually puts great efforts on his videos and its not ur typical stale intro that other creators do