2D's Laugh

Published 2020-09-11
pretty self explanatory really.

I can't see myself make any more gorillaz videos or content, the gorillaz twitter fandom is the worst I've encountered. So I wanted to say to anyone viewing this video: watch out! Go to tumblr, reddit, anywhere but twitter! And good luck y'all. Please, treat 2D nice for me and for every other gorillaz fan who can't even listen to the songs anymore without being reminded of their treatment. Take care of this goofball band for all of us.

videos used:
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All Comments (21)
  • @idr0ps180
    He’s so adorable. He should laugh more :(
  • @Itariatan
    This made me think about how he doesn't really laugh that much.
  • @tinatina7590
    Different 2D Laughs
    Four year old doing something they shouldn’t
    40 year old man laughing at the news paper
  • Its honestly really easy to forget that these guys are actually payed actors.
  • @nyancat2221
    His laughs are my last two brain cells trying to communicate with each other
  • @YourL0calRoach
    First one already had me like: 😤💕💕💕💞💞💝💓💘💗💖
  • @ajbethel6910
    2Ds laugh always seems like a pretty rare and tiny tiny little thing like literally it's so easy to miss its a little sad but it's nice to hear his happier moments like this
  • @xos4386
    I will be honest I never heard 2D lol-ing and I don’t think anyone did
  • The puppets were class. Why'd they ever stop that bit. It was perfect.
  • @grimm8866
    he has that kind of nervous socially awkward laugh.
  • @stagjaw
    if you made 2D laugh you better be pretty proud of yourself