Water Fuel Technology For Everyone - AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Published 2013-01-04
The AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System is distinctly different than the over 200 year old approach to Hydrogen and Oxygen production from the water molecule via Electrolysis.

This is not traditional Electrolysis- in that- AquaTune is not using high amperage to break the water molecules covalent bond. AquaTune also does not use a PWM(pulse width modulator) which many traditional Electrolysis Type HHO Cells Use.

The AquaTune Water Fuel Technology uses Hydrogen Producing Capacitors- which produce 2.5 Liters Of Hydrogen Per Minute- while under the vacuum conditions generated by the gasoline powered engine(suction & volume of air flow- past the venturi nozzles- inside the intake manifold). The vacuum signal is maintained(To- The Distilled Water Processor) and facilitated by the AquaTune Venturi Nozzles(Google Search Venturi Theory and Venturi Vacuum Theory). The AquaTune Hydrogen Producing Capacitors utilize an ElectroStatic Charge generated inside the Distilled Water Processor(Think of rubbing your feet on the carpet and then touching something- This is an example of static electricity generation) which acts as an Electrolyte- Thus- there is no need to add Electrolyte such as traditional HHO systems utilize- such as Sodium Hydroxide nor Potasium Hydroxide.

This system is 60% Hydrogen Production + 40% water mist injection. The 40% water mist injection has a weakened covalent bond from being struck at resonance(Within The Echo Chamber of the Processor) with frequency- in a self generated electrostatic field- within the distilled water processor.

Because the 40% water injection has a weakened covalent bond- Once this 40% water injection encounters extreme heat and compression- The covalent bond breaks and releases the Hydrogen and Oxygen that is the water molecule. Before this 40% water injections covalent bond breaks in the combustion chamber- It expands the gasoline- absorbs heat- raising(increasing) the gasolines octane rating- advances the ignition timming- then burns :)

The NASA Space Shuttle stores the less powerful Para Hydrogen(Explosive Power Similar to that of Natural Gas- See CNG). However- through a Magnetic Field which permits an Electron Spin- The Para Hydrogen becomes the much more powerful(2.5 times more powerful than gasoline) Ortho Hydrogen.

The AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System does not store Ortho Hydrogen- but rather produces the Ortho Hydrogen on demand(as needed) from distilled water(sold at most grocery markets). There are no Hydrogen Storage tanks on the automobile. The Hydrogen is not under pressure- but rather is generated in a vacuum(Google Search Vacuum Theory & Theory of Vacuum).

Ortho Hydrogen is 2.5 Times More Powerful Than Gasoline- and burns 7 to 9 times faster than gasoline. Ortho Hydrogen is also the lightest Element on the Periodic Table Of Elements. This system does not void new car warranty and will not harm the engine in any way. In fact- The AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System is good for the engine ie removes carbon buildup in the engine's combustion chambers- and helps keep the catalytic converter and EGR(exhaust gas recirculation valve) clean as well.

Note: In Freezing Weather Conditions. One may add isopropyl alcohol to the distilled water reservoir(1 part distilled water to 1 part isopropyl alcohol) in order to prevent the distilled water from freezing.

With the AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System- we do not need to modify nor alter the computer on the car- to permit increases in fuel efficiency and power ie no need for an EFIE(Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer).

Note: I add two liters of Distilled Water to the AquaTune water reservoir per two tank fulls of gasoline. When I check my oil every other time I fill the gasoline tank, I also top off the Distilled Water Reservoir. AquaTune also offers much larger water reservoirs as well. AquaTune also makes Water Fuel Technology units for Diesel Engines.

Note: It is extremely important that only distilled water be used in the AquaTune units- at all times. Thank you for watching my video!

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  • This is innovation at its best! Water fuel technology should be more common with cars in the future! Brilliant set up!
  • In the process of making this video, I learn much about the AquaTune Water Fuel Technology systems. I find I learn most, when I share my experience of learning, with others. It's an incredible process.
  • kevin Onwuka
    the device may go a long way to reduce conflicts between communities and wars among countries over crude oil right. I think that this is one of most significant innovations in the automobile industry.
  • Thank you for mentioning this extremely interesting video, Evan. Truly a great achievement :) I'm now researching, extensively; anything and everything related to defusion of atoms and molecules. The conditions under which- to permit such a process.
  • The Aqua Pulse System is quite nice. Thank you for mentioning this :) I understand, I vaporized a fine tip iridium EnerPulse Capacitor Plug some time ago. EnerPulse assured me this would not happen again because they have changed both the design and material. I am testing this for myself, now. So far, good results :) I will look into the Aqua Pulse System for future testing and experimentation. Thank you JP.
  • Thank you for mentioning this, William. I'm very grateful. I did not know that Stanley Meyer(See you tube video's- Water Powered Dune Buggy) was creating a capacitor and charging the Capacitor at Resonance. I read of Stanley Meyers "Resonant Cavity" however did not realize exactly what was taking place within this Resonant Cavity, nor how. Thank you very much for helping me understand- the basic idea of Stanley Meyer's system. I appreicate it.
  • Hi Issac. Excellent question. Yes-in order to achieve a 25% increase in fuel efficiency, you will only need the primary AquaTune Processor, which comes with one Hydrogen Producing Capacitor. Horse Power is also increased as well. If you would like to increase fuel efficiency and horse power beyond running the single Hydrogen Producing Capacitor- you may add additional Hydrogen Producing Capacitors- downstream to the processor. Ortho Hydrogen(over 300btu) is 2.5 times more powerful than gasoline.
  • Hi kirby.
    The interest in building a GEET Particle Accelerator(within a self generated vacuum) for the automobile is still in place. Billy's molecular change(see screen name iambillythekid) vapor chamber is also of interest to me. Both systems will continue to be researched extensively- for experimental purposes. My attention has come to include an interest in how a civilization of beings- may learn to use the tools we have, in new ways- from the point of view of efficiency, no less.
  • I like your idea of running the AquaTune Water Fuel Technology system through a GEET Fuel Processor. Truly an interesting idea. I will work on design ideas which may permit the two systems to work together in the way that you specify. Thank you for sharing your ideas :) Many experimentors of GEET have mention- The GEET Likes Hydrogen.
  • Thank you HHO4ALL. It is quite impressive how much more power the engine has. For example- with the AquaTune unit- I was on a flat open "isolated road" and I push the throttle down all the way- This car has five forward(tall) gears- I was going 108 Miles Per Hour in 3erd Gear at approximately 5300rpm's. The redline is 6000 rpm's. Before adding the AquaTune, The car- without use of the HV Hybrid Battery- would not acclerate to higher speeds such as 108mph at Wide Open Throttle(WOT).
  • HTSS8
    Interesting stuff.  I've randomly come across this HHO subject several times over several years.  It seems that it is constantly evolving to better tech, smaller, and more efficient kits.  I too am in efficiency technologies business operations.  There is better lubrication for the friction parts of machines than is sold by mass oil producers.  Although this has been available for decades, and not that I think the oil Corps don't have chemists who understand it, but they just roll out bits at a time of what they are fully aware of in chemistry to squelch out more and more $$ out of the same customers.  Therefore you always have the "Aftermarket"  Parts makers are involved as well.  If the parts last longer, then they don't sell you but One over many many years instead of 2 and 3 and 4 in shorter time frame.

    So it appears this technology has one aspect covered to rely on much less resources, so then we all just need to address the other as well.

    You engine oil can last more like 25-50k miles before change.  What a slash in oil sales if citizens and industrial machines changed oil 3 and 5 times longer into the future :)
  • Excellent Question Evan. For use of the AquaTune system in freezing temperature conditions- one may add a mix of 1/2 distilled water to 1/2 isopropyl alcohol. isopropyl alcohol has an extremely low freezing point(compared to distilled water). For example, if using the 2 Liter Water Reservior, we simply add 1 Liter of Distilled water to 1 Liter of isopropyl alcohol, and the aquatune system will function without danger of freezing nor malfunction in freezing weather conditions.
  • jason cunningham
    Knowledge is exponentially increasing and sometimes I see guys like you on here and I'm like wow I dont know nothing :) Maybe one days I will use the things I have learned but I know I dont need to know and could never contain everything. Its fun to study things but sometimes just going for a walk and being normal is cool.
  • I remember when I first began my studies into energy systems and efficiency. I believe I can relate to your perceptual experience, simply by thinking back to a time before I understood the knowledge I'm now beginning to understand about how such systems work. I cannot teach you how to see. However- with desire to learn- you can achieve understanding of anything you set your mind to. Just know that we learn the most from our mistakes, And it's the journey of discovery that holds all the meaning.
  • The reduction in fuel consumption is a minimum of 25% when running the AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System. Exhaust Emissions are also reduced. Horse Power is increased. I'm very happy with the AquaTune sytem and I highly recommend it. The instrument cluster is factory, however I change the color to one of my preference(See High Temperature Photography-Lighting Gels). That is correct. 2.5 LIter's Per Minute(Generators Must Be Under Venturi Vacuum per design specifications). Good Questions :)
  • Because of the significant increase in power and acceleration- I push down on the gas pedal much less- in order to achieve the same speed(ie with AquaTune HB vs without the AquaTune HB). This results in using less gasoline. I recommend you contact AquaTune directly for a more detailed and knowledgeable response. I'm doing my best to explain this to you, I have limited knowledge and understanding of this systems function. I can say that without a doubt- AquaTune works incredibly well.
  • jason cunningham
    Thank you for both of your work. I find you both are diligent and persevering in your r&d. If I find something interesting I try to share it.
  • Truly Excellent work. Thank you very much for sharing your Technological Experimentation And Theories with me(Your Video's). I very much appreciate it. I will study your experimentation and theories with great interest. It is quite interesting that a high voltage field alone- permits instant and complete evaporation of the fine micron(extremely small water droplets) water mist ie your experimental systems. Great Work.
  • First- Congratulations on your interest in this technology. AquaTune makes a unit which I believe is the unit design for high performance engines(Please confirm this with AquaTune Tech Support). It's called the AquaThrustPlus HB. You have excellent question regarding how the AquaTune unit functions in terms of what the upstream, number 1; or primary O2 sensor reads(Oxygen Sensor(s) between the Catalytic Converter, and the Engines Exhaust Ports). Continued:
  • Thank you. And- I agree. Before adding the AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System- cruising at highway speeds- the car would average approximately 58mpg. Yes- with the AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System- the 2000 Honda insight averages approximately 75mpg on the highway. The increased acceleration and top speed ie "wide open throttle" is also significant as well. I highly recommend the AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System to anyone that wishes to increase both horse power(acceleration) and fuel efficiency.