Published 2022-11-17
What is the Roblox Oof? Where did the Roblox Oof come from? Who made the Roblox Oof? Where am I, Roblox Oof? Can you help me?

Guinness World Records:
Dinosaur Statue Collection:
Official Skateboard Sound Compilation:

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:51 Messiah Is Weird (And Here's Why)
00:07:51 Tommy Tallarico
00:11:31 The Amico Disaster
00:18:06 Tommy Wants Money
00:29:46 The End (Normal People Stop Watching Here)
00:32:30 So, Who Really Made the Oof?
00:48:51 Tommy's Lies
01:00:24 So, About Those Guinness World Records
01:23:26 The Tallarico Event Horizon
01:35:22 Crime Time
01:43:57 Conclusion
01:54:28 Credits

Female Credit: Excavating Recognition for the Capcom Sound Team
by Andrew Lemon and Hillegonda C. Rietveld…

The Street Fighter LadyInvisibility and Gender in Game Composition
also by Andy Lemon and Hillegonda C Rietveld

Music (will update with more when I escape from the pit):

"The Entertainer" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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  • הדר פלבר
    It's nice that Hbomb is experimenting with short-form video. Good for him.
  • Tiny Etoile
    At this point I'm honestly convinced that Joey is the actual owner of that house and he just lets Tommy live in it out of pity
  • Stormy Monday
    Another little insight on how seriously Guinness takes their records: 8 years ago a Borderlands YouTuber got informed by his subscribers that he had a world record (fastest speed run of Borderlands 2) printed in the Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer edition 2014. This really confused him because he never applied for it. Apparently, someone at Guinness found one of his segmented speed runs on YouTube and just decided to call it the world record for some reason. Guinness asked the guy for permission on Twitter to publish him in their book as the world record holder and he didn’t see it. After a while they apparently just published it anyway without permission. This dude had to make a video about how he didn’t actually have the world record speed run and never claimed to. Guinness is so lazy that sometimes it surpasses their greed and they just force records onto random people for free to fill space lol
  • Goose Boose
    Honestly, Tommy could've lived his life as just a well respected video games musician had he not lied about literally everything. Like, I'm not even saying he should be a saint or anything, but if he were just honest and truthful, the worst thing he could ever be known for was for giving Melee a 2.5, which is something he could've owned up to and probably merchandised. Instead he lied about it ever existing, he lied about making the OOF, he took credit for everything his coworker ever made, and now he's being exposed for fraud. It really isn't that hard to just not lie, but if I had to guess, Tommy's got issues.
  • wcs792
    I love how he's like "Yeah, I played Messiah all the way through as prep" and then barely references Messiah at all. The Tommy Saga just destroys the plan.
  • Pagefire
    Tommy should get an award for "most complex explanation of recording a kids voice and making pressing the 'export' button even more complicated"
  • Jake Smith
    I personally wanna thank Tommy Tallarico for making this video. I hope he adds it to his resume.
  • Having followed the Amico coverage on the CUPodcast, I already knew Tommy was a lying narcissistic POS, but good lord, I never knew his lies and narcissism went this deep. You have my condolences for nearly going insane trying to put all of this together and falling down the rabbit hole. The result, however, was a fantastic feature length video that kept me hooked from beginning to end, so I think it’s safe to say that your insanity-inducing efforts were well worth it.
  • BadLamprey
    "It turns out if something is easy to check, nobody actually does!"

    Quite an elegant way to condense the last 8 years or so into one sentence
  • I hadn't heard of Tommy before this video, but didn't trust him from the start. Here's a fun fact: here in Brazil "Talarico" means someone who cheats and can't be trusted, so as the video went on I just got more and more awed by how fitting his name was.
  • temmychan
    fame is a really curious thing. Tommy is by no means an unsuccessful guy, and even if you only stacked up the things in his career that he definitely, actually did, it's still a pretty impressive career. But he had to go and lie about things over and over until nobody takes him seriously any more. it's really interesting how someone can be so desperate that they almost make themselves believe their own stories.
  • The most vicious finale possible would be if hbomberguy somehow got Tommy Tallarico's mother to briefly appear and say how disappointed she was.
  • At this point I don't even believe Tommy's mother has ever been proud of him.
  • Daniel Heflick
    I love how the lead up into and even the name of the segment “Crime Time” just makes it feel like something this video had been approaching the whole time. Like, of course in a career filled with this many lies he has at least occasionally gotten in trouble with the law. How could he not?! How could the first ninety minutes of this insanity not obviously be leading up to some crimes? I laughed out loud when those words came on the screen, as the inevitability of such a reveal hit me at full force. Brilliant work!
  • HotshotPC
    Had no idea that Hbomb was a trained helicopter pilot. Can’t believe this guy is finding new ways to inspire us everyday.
  • While only tangentially related, I kind of relate to Joey. I film various sports for espn and espn+, and I’ve really gained an appreciation for people behind the scenes. In every live broadcast you’ve ever watched, there’s people behind the cameras, creating graphics, running replays. I’ve seen my shots shared around on social media, sport center, YouTube, and every time i just want to say “I did that!! I shot that!” But in the end, who really cares? Anyway, shoutout to everyone behind the scenes, your work matters and you are appreciated.
  • Pianoslave1
    I remember going to the VGL concert in Pittsburgh when I was in high school with my friend. It was really enjoyable and there was an opportunity to meet with some of the main performers after the concert, Tommy included.
    This being the early 2000s and my friend and I being huge Kingdom Hearts fans, we excitedly told him how much we enjoyed the concert. He asked what our favorite parts were and when we told him the KH section he gave us such an annoyed, condescending expression that I still remember it to this day.
    Hearing what a narcissist he was I wonder if he was just unhappy we didn’t like the part where he came out to do a guitar solo or couldn’t take any credit for it.
  • Lunamor Rosa
    The sad part of all this is that Tommy Tallarico could probably be a fairly well-respected composer with the things he actually did do.

    Also, watching this only a few days after watching Defunctland's video about Alexander Lasarenko making the Disney Channel theme really puts a lot into perspective about the accomplishments of artists and how easily they're forgotten if we don't work to preserve them.
  • BlazeKing64
    It's always a good day when there's the bi-annual hbomberguy video
  • Sarsion
    Fantastic video. You unlocked a memory I had repressed about Tommy Tallarico.
    In November 2008, I worked promo and merch at a VGL show when it came to my city in the UK as part of a culture event. I was not paid for handing out flyers nor for selling the merch, instead being volunteered through my college. I didn't get to watch any of the show, as I was instructed to wait until it ended in case someone loved the show so much that they'd leave it to come buy merch in the foyer. So at the end, when someone asked Tommy's brother on my behalf if I could get like, a commemorative T-shirt as compensation for my work, he looked at me like he was mentally calculating how much my time and effort was worth to him, as he made it very clear we didn't sell nearly enough merch to make the show a worthwhile venture, presumably also factoring in that I looked like the sort who would blast them online (how right he was).
    Anyway, I still have the shirt. That experience forever changed my perception of how many unsung, uncredited, unpaid individuals the "Greats" use to hoist them up, and I've always strived to give credit to everyone involved in a project as a result.