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Published 2022-12-18

Fast pace fast pace I run circles round you Lap race
All I got is my word and my balls I'm not the one you can castrate
New drip! new drip! new drip! like a nursing breast Lactate!
Increase cash rate when I bring the smoke I hope you have your Ashtray

Middle finger risen point it at everybody living
Can't take it back. that's a given I lasik bars
2020 vision
It got ladder attached dressed in all black I'm not superstitious
I do it vicious I'ma run it up like cardio fitness money in the pocket Business!

Speak blunt get shit lit then roll blunt take Big hit
O.J black glove they labeled me a Misfit
Get hit with this clip check his pulse Fitbit
If she don't give brain that hoe a dimwit

I get to snapping like I'm photogenic do you get the picture I got the aesthetic
Fame must cost an arm and an leg: They're falling off like a prosthetic
We could bump head like a head on car collision give you Headache
The road to decapitation don't you see that's where you be-Headed

I don't beef with broke rappers because that beef is not Breaded
And i need my cheese grater if not then you get Shredded
Let's get it the clip headed for you don't need edit
What it need is a target move you when I spot you telekinetic

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