Completing the Community Center While Only Selling Fiber! || Fibrous Farm (#1)

Published 2022-08-10
In Stardew Valley, Fiber only sells for 1g, making it one of the worst ways by far to make money. So naturally, I wanted to know how long it would take to complete the Community Center if that was my only source of income. It may be an insane undertaking, but that's kind of what we do around here, so let's all touch some grass and have some fun!

Fiber Collected: 0
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  • @Hestenfeiser
    Three years from now, Argon attempts to complete the Community Center without pressing any buttons. To do so, he piles up bananas on top of his computer so that the potassium radioactive decay (which does on occasion produce argon, nice callback) would eventually flip the right bits to clear the game.
  • @JynxSimsxx
    From my own fiber mining experience for tea saplings, floor 81 is the best floor to farm for fiber on, I found fiber generates there much more often than it ever did on floor 20.

    Also, the golden scythe doesn't increase the chance of fiber dropping from weeds, but the weeds in the mines is guaranteed to drop fiber so it won't matter if you are mainly fibre mining there.
  • @MrShaneypooh
    By the time you're done, you'll probably end up with fiber-myalgia.
  • I'm mostly a VOD watcher, but I pop into streams for a moment when I can. I didn't find the Price of Perfection stream until you were near completion, so I'm so happy I get to stay up-to-date and know what's happening when I pop in🥰
  • I'M not done with the stream, but a good setup would be getting an upgraded axe and chopping stumps for mahogany seeds. Tapping the trees gives you sap, so it would be a good way to grind sap up
  • @the_madhadder
    So here’s a question. I understand that the challenge is to sell only fiber to complete the community center. But what about items That you combine with fiber? For example the tea saplings technically use fiber to be created. Would that still count in a challenge like this?
  • @bcgrote
    Wizard of Oz is a great family movie. It has great historic significance, and is one movie that was better than the book, and far better than previous films.
    Citizen Kane was based loosely on actual people and events. It is an epic movie with a great cast, telling a grandiose story about a larger than life person. It's worth a watch!
  • Re citizen Kane: masterful and relatively narratively complex, but you’d need a lot of tweaking to adapt for modern audiences. It’s a masterful film (art form) but movie (entertainment form) wise it … wouldn’t captivate most modern audiences. That said, it would be so cool to do a group watch of it, just bring lots of snacks and prepare to use the chat.
  • @13DarkForce
    "Perfection only selling fibers" lmao. Perfection, only selling fiber, through the trashcan. Now that's a challenge.
  • Weird whale sound??? That is the wizard doing his enchantments hahahaha. He even tells you at some point that rainy weather is the best for doing spells. :)
  • I’m sad I couldn’t catch the stream, hope to be able to catch the next one.
  • @vaupel63
    It felt SUPER weird catching with the last little bit because I couldn't chat lol
  • @vaupel63
    Around 3:25:00 the frames drop ALOT because that was when the buffer happened lol
  • @disruppt900
    I didn't know that you're also Ace! That's so cool. I don't find a whole lot of people like me.
  • I was not expecting a Hamilton performance but here we are
  • @vaupel63
    Aw it just ended...
    Btw if you see this argon when you said my name near the beginning it made me very happy
  • @spookysomeone
    i think the most obscure word i know is antidisestablishmentarianism, but that's kinda a basic one. maybe worbla or perhaps bulbus glandis.