Among us VR was a mistake

Published 2022-11-21

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  • Aimaan Khan
    ''Theatre kid energy ''
    ''Vtubers right?''
  • CloverMilk
    I thought it was some random kid, but it was just ironmouse. I stand corrected
  • Anhar E.m
    Sykkuno : My wHoLe LiFe wAs a LiE!!!💀
  • FizzzyCat
    Luds “running” killed me 💀
  • ❆Đông❆
    The scream Pink made tells us more than words can do.
  • N
    Ironmouse's scream was so real
    "You got some hands"
    Instantly dies
  • Sahil Ithape
    I joined the stream at this part and I was like "IS THAT MOUSE!?" and then "Awww they're shaking hand- OOP"
  • Golden paladin
    I didn’t know it was iron mouse untill she screamed
  • ABVW92
    Lol, how did I know that was mousey from just the heavy breathing...
    Also, why does Lud running have that T pose feeling.
  • Mouse Sparks
    Oh I loved beta testing for this! So glad to see so many people enjoying the game :)
  • JustIvan
    "How is this running"
    Nah man, a few assets aren't loading in just wait for it
  • Meme Moments
    Meme videos that explode with laughter💜♥️🤣✨🌟💖💕💞
  • ArandomNutter
    What live stream is this from? I want to see the whole thing. Also nice clip
  • Uzume RR4
    Really thought lud was gonna walk up to pink and kill her but say “now you are.” Right before he kills her and risk the sykkuno report
  • TinaWasTaken
    The way ironmouse doubles back had me on the floor. 😂😂