Love, Purpose, Relationships | Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts

Published 2014-10-25
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  • Artonique Hodges
    You can tell that they really love eachother. Take notes people! A Godly marriage is worth the wait.
  • "when a man sees you as his wife, you don't have to tell him".. She preaching preaching!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • “How can I serve you?” “ Everyone says that they want love, but we don’t want the vulnerability that’s required for love.” That was a word. I’m actually crying . I’m so happy for you too!
  • Shes sooo beautiful...
    Their love story is an epic fairytale. Love how they love each other. pastors kid pregnant at 14 , divorced at 23 becomes best selling author, mentor evangelist then becomes Pastors Wife..and First lady.
    aint God good??
    This is what having wholeness, purpose and shared purpose in union looks like.
    my dream is that we can all find this.
    ps she's soo funny lol
  • Asie Vhanzhi
    God I see what you doing to others.... 🙏 I'm tapping into this anointing too❤️😇😭
  • Jaimi Gray
    "I love Sarah. I literally believe that she was created...for me." I WOULD'VE FAINTED AND I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO STOP SMILING OMGGGGG
  • Ms A
    Sarah is so real. This new generation needs women like Sarah. Love her. I'm glad she didn't sit up there pretending she's not street wise or hiding her humour. I was able to respond to her because of her realness and honesty. I'm not even going to read the comments because this video was meant just for me. Thank you
  • Manuel Bang
    Quote: “a relationship will bring all the dysfunctions of the two parties to the surface and love will be the motivation to deal with them and keep moving forward” Touré Roberts
  • IamChelle Bee
    “Hoping that the weight of who I was wouldn’t make him walk away” 😩Whoosh that spoke to meeee! Many times I’ve felt like I was just too deep for many. So that statement was encouraging, there is a man out here who can handle the magnitude of who I am 👏🏾💯
  • RJ Dickens
    This reminds me how I'm in love with my soulmate. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful woman.
  • Laura Anderson
    When she took over prayer he smiled as if she's best thing in the world as almost as he was lifted because of her. That's amazing. God is good to all of us
  • This message make me feel that there is hope for love and marriage in my life!!
  • mstashy16
    I love Sarah! She's unapologetically herself!
  • Thuso Mahlatji
    8 minutes in and that " How can I serve you " was everything.Goosebumps literally
  • Ruth Vuchocho
    I can't believe I am watching this for the first time 6years later. And it's so timely too 🥰🥰
  • Matthew M TV
    No relationship is perfect but when God is involved that's it
  • Beverly Manning
    I have been married for almost 21 years, and we are going through a divorce. It has been a toxic relationship. The bible states when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. He never looked at me as his good thing or favor because felt that he married the wrong woman. He has cheated continuously throughout the marriage. I finally found the strength to leave. This video blessed me so much, and gives me so much hope! Beautiful!
  • Kellie Alston
    Watching this again for the umpteenth time. This video has blessed me for two years.
  • Tee Oliver
    I love her voice and how she communicates