Elon's Twitter Circus (With Updates)

Published 2023-01-12
The full story of the Elon-Twitter situation. What has happened since it all started and why is Elon now scared of the FBI? In this episode, we'll find out.

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All Comments (21)
  • @daiheadjai
    Elon's "genius move" of pulling teams from Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Co. to work on Twitter, sounds like the setup for a joke: "So an EV engineer, a rocket engineer, and a tunneling engineer walk into Twitter HQ..."
  • I'm no virtuoso or financial expert, yet when I previously caught wind of Elon purchasing and running Twitter, it was a senseless move for some and a lamentable move for other people. It turns out there is. Incredible video. You reliably convey the best happy, are generally insightful, seldom critical, and profoundly important.
  • @GingerWritings
    Twitter as a top news source doesn't fill me with confidence.
    It reminds me that Facebook held that title, and had so little reality that it's almost a sad RPG.
  • @cristalmala
    It's been surreal to watch this Twitter drama unfold on Twitter.
  • I am not an American too. Well, the surveillance/intelligence services in every country wanted to have a means to know what people are thinking and doing without spying. Social Media has been one of their tools. . .
  • @weishenmejames
    I'm no genius nor economic savant but when I first started hearing about Elon buying and running Twitter I knew it was going to be a stupid move for some and an unfortunate move for the rest. Great video as always you continue to put out the best content, always thoughtful, rarely judgemental, and extremely relevant.
  • @TV---kn2rl
    Tumblr made fun of Twitter's purchasing blue checkmarks thing by allowing users to buy TWO checkmarks, and you can even buy multiple pairs and stack them to have a ridiculous amount of checks
  • @errolview
    Really enjoy your style of reporting, your presentation is very professional. 🙏 Thank you
  • @william_8844
    11:06 at best I believe you meant to say 420 thousand verified users.

    Twitter has roughly 450 million active users, and for sure 420 million of them cannot be verified. Less than 1% of twitter users are verified.
  • @babyherc7328
    I always watch your vids and realized I never comment on them. Production and editing quality is top tier, keep it up man. Also preemptive congrats on 4M!
  • @rairai5114
    Honestly, I currently avoid Twitter as much as I can. Opening that page/app is almost equivalent to an intravenous shot of anger and frustration. I don't need to start my day pissed off at some stranger in the internet being an asshole.
  • @angieatwork1053
    Happy New Year, Dogogo! As always, your episode is super. I see myself never before spending so much time on Twitter instead of Telegram now. 🤭 so let's celebrate free speech, but free speech with conscience.
  • @SHLVideos
    Lovely to hear that you've been having a good time being creative and making music! I dig your political videos, but having a healthy outlet that gives you pleasure is pretty important too!
  • @LT200913
    Great content and video, as always, much appreciated Dagogo
  • Thanks for producing this video. It's a great overview of the situation.
  • @CanadianPrepper
    Weird how a vid you made that got less organic virality than your usual great vids is on tren..d... Been here since note 2 review, but you gotta admit dats interesting.
  • @MikeGaruccio
    $100k is wildly underestimating the all-in cost of an average engineer. Given they’re mostly SV based id be shocked if most engineers at twitter were were sub-$200k at base, and benefits and other costs would likely push them north of $250k
  • @CityScapesYT
    Apart from your amazing videos I truly love the music your making! Keep it up man, we love you <3
  • @TESkyrimizer
    Having worked as a jr seng at a small tech company with multiple services, I imagine some of the manpower loss resulted in byzantine systems becoming near impossible to work with due to the unavailability of SMEs for knowledge transfer.

    Imagine entire teams gone for infra or dev-ops or some core auth service with existing lacklustre documentation. It might take a competent senior weeks to just make sense of the damn thing if they had no prior experience with the system, if they are even the right person to be taking over in the first place.

    So I guess that just means some systems, services or features just get abandoned entirely. And nobody even looks at it until it becomes a problem in the future.
  • @mikedrop4421
    Man this channel has absolutely exploded lately. Almost 4 million? Holy cow.. Good job man