all 2D's plastic beach game voice lines

Published 2020-12-21

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  • I love how he practically screams bloody murder when he sees the whale again, then calmly goes “he’s still there, look” a second later
  • @bingette7832
    Honestly, I’d be happy to just watch horror films with 2D to help him calm down
  • @capnkaba
    I really hope they bring this game back
  • @weirdweeb3508
    Am I the only one who find it’s hilarious how he said sod off so aggressively 😂
  • @myagamingkat
    I kinda wish I could hear 2D’s new voice actor say these lines, I think they’d suit his voice more than anything he says in the Stuart Potcast.
  • @Itariatan
    Ugh I love how hostile he gets when you ask him about Dave. It's like a completely different person lool
  • @chrish6001
    I've seen additional lines from 2D during this game. He cheered up, relaxed and laid on his bed when you closed the curtains so the whale couldn't see him anymore.
  • Respects to 2D's Horror movie collection anyway.
    No-one ever talks about the Brood.
    “Last album he stole my liver”

  • @lazyfoox6559
    i would watch a horror movie with him even though i dislike horror movies because he is my comfort character
  • I can't decide if the manic little giggles are adorable or terrifying
  • @AIienFromMars
    I wish I could've played this game... is there any way I can play it somewhere?