Optics Planet exclusive Daniel Defense M4 Upper Receiver review

Published 2022-08-27
Quick speck and review of the optics Planet exclusive Daniel Defense upper receiver. I’m a big fan of the lightweight and shortened barrel /hand guard definitely worth the price!! Thanks for watching!! Stay tuned for a post break in/ 1000 round review

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  • rollingdonut
    Just got my Optics Planet order in today with this upper. Was also hoping for the Surefire muzzle device but got the regular DD one. Strange how I was looking for a video on this upper and finally see yours the day mine arrives at my front door.

    Thanks for the video! I’m going to look for different muzzle devices to re-pin and weld for my suppressor setup.
  • usn8892
    One of those would be lovely on an ADM4 lower. Nice looking rig dude 👍
  • towel head timmy
    I just got mine in the mail today. It's pretty sweet. Glad I watched this and got it. Waiting for my eotech to come.
  • 2A Michael J
    I ordered one with a 12% off coupon. This is one of the cheapest ways to get a legit DDM4V7. While it's not branded "DDM4V7" the muzzle device and 14.5" length is the only thing I can see that's different.
  • BunyipDude
    I thought about getting one of these, but now that the RIII guns and uppers are available, I think I’ll get one of those instead.
  • RichEvolutionCo
    I ordered mines last year and they had the option to have the DD comp or the Surefire 3 prong for an extra $100. Def went w the surefire
  • dimitriis1337
    Now that you’ve owned this upper for a while, what are your thoughts? Is it too overgassed?
  • lilmook099
    I’m going to get soon so what caliber is this?
  • griff4d7
    Wait it came pin and welded? I’m thinking about ordering this but wasn’t sure if I wanted to pin and weld it
  • TwoGunCorcoran
    Now do a review of the ProCo Rat into the traynor amp.
  • A.C.G.B LR
    Question, have you shot it enough to see if it gets too hot to hold, without gloves?
  • Eric M
    I luck out and got the surefire three prong flash hider.
  • Wolf 359 Survivor
    Oh, so you haven't fired it yet? When you do please include shot group/MOA results.
  • lilmook099
    Is that a Dainel defense lower where u find that
  • Greg
    All of the components top quality? Not run off B parts rebranded as OP exclusive
  • Alexus Williams
    So why is it called "Exclusive Daniel Defense Custom" Upper receiver?