Crazy Helicopter Skills In The Best Rally Places | WRC 2019

Published 2019-09-13
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The World Rally Championship is known for producing one of the most astonishing pictures to cover this unique motorsport event series. And it mostly relies on the impressive skills deployed in the cockpit of the follow heli, where pilot and camera operator are working like driver and co-driver to provide the best shots.

You better not suffer any motion sickness to take that job! High speed and sharp angles will make the focus of the camera become a singular rollercoaster video game, with a quite sensitive joystick to play with.

The talent of this helicopter duet makes us able to enjoy the best rally footage, and cover the most incredible locations.
Here's a pick of some of the best shots of the season, as we're heading into Rally Turkey 2019.

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All Comments (21)
  • Hexenrose
    Camera operators and pilots are the unsung heroes of WRC
  • Jonne
    I remember a WRC stage in the forests of Värmland, Sweden. There was a helicopter pilot flying back and forth, filming, doing absolutely crazy turns. I ended up watching that helikopter more than the rally contest itself...
  • Hector Domino
    5:24 That shot was EPIC! Wish it was a little longer on that view...
  • Pluvillion
    Seeing the helicopter run with you as you tackle the dirt whilst the drone closely follows suit is the best feeling I ever had when playing DiRT. Kudos to the operators!
  • Ayman
    They should hire a camera crew for shooting the camera crew.
  • Jeff Jefferson
    Why did you all took so long to bring out such a video?! :D Could this be long enough? Loving drone and heli coverage! :)
  • Has there ever been a helicopter crash at one of these rallies? Some serious flying these pilots do.
  • A. Asiri
    Some badass footages right here with the most amazing driving skills ever!!! Cheers!
  • sean collins
    What a incredible job , fantastic skills. Looking in from Ireland 🇮🇪
  • Daniel Reyes
    Awesome video, loving the high speed aerials!!!
  • sini tiivakene
    I would say it is only a teaser of the real thing cause you've got mutch more and even better material of rallying. Maybe you could show us some more from you're endless archaives? 🙏
    Grate job you are doing anyway! 👍 Those pilotes are crazy good!
  • AS P
    That helicopter's pilot is crazy as rally driver and their navigator 🤪
  • GatoGato
    Awesome video. These pilots are heroes just like the drivers.
  • rsanjur
    4:24 holy cow, if there is a hall of fame shots from helicopter, that got to be one of the top 3 if not top 1
  • Con Joe
    That chase on Ogie (that's terribly wrong I'm sure) was amazing, imagine a still of the car hitting the straight and the helicopter right on him...low and up close!! Wow!
  • GuantanamoGay
    Cameras alongside military tech, beautiful views man I love it
  • JustTahmid
    Insane skills there to get shots like that. Definitely wouldn't be the same if they used a drone instead
  • ZeroLife
    Good to see coverage on things that less talked about ❤
  • Ted Kay
    Great idea to bring this to the fans. Well done