Emotional Damage: Asian Parent Punishments 3

Published 2022-09-20

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  • I was about to eat some food but then my parents told me they knew a kid who ate food who got attacked by a cat and now lives with a family of geese. Thanks, Steven.
  • The part where steven thinks about all the tasks he was asked to do but forget the important one, it is so relatable.
  • 黃仲誼
    As an Asian teenager with Asian parents, I'm telling you guys, these are pretty dang accurate lol
  • TimeBucks
    Steven He never fails to show his humor to us
  • TinTin
    The thumbnail design of Steven's father's collected self, while Steven is breaking stuff in the corner is a thing of art
  • Tee Noush
    We, Failures, are immensely grateful for being validated through your videos 🙇🏻‍♀️ Let's keep this culture alive for the generations to come!
  • SpaceMonkeyBoi
    As a man that doesn't have Asian parents, I can confirm that this is real.
  • Haladmer
    When I was in high school, I became friends with a transfer student from HK.. Can confirm, this training is channeling his grandfather's spirit! That man's Failure Management (Emotional Damage) skills were on point... he was so skilled, even unassociated people 5 blocks away started to learn the piano!

    I still have flashbacks of the over the top stories. Like this one time I went to go get my friend so we could hang out with our friends, and his grandfather told this story of how he had to hunt white tigers, in the winter at night, while carrying multiple buckets of water for his small village from a river 15km away... and as a reward, he was allowed to stop at the local hardware store to work for money to buy the monthly sacks of rice for the family (which also had to be carried with everything else)

    To this day, I still feel like I'm not doing nearly enough for my family/friends whenever I want to go do something unproductive... lol
  • Ajmal Zuhair
    I couldn't stop laughing when he just threw the tide into the washing machine 😂. Your videos are always comedy gold
  • カイダa
    I am so happy to see how your channel has grown as well as production quality. Seeing you collab with others, hang out with friends, having fun- I am really happy for your continuous success!
  • Imagine Steven's grandfather earlier gave these lessons , giving Steven's dad's example and Steven is enjoying it's recordings.
  • Kedo
    Based on the game that he's playing, he might actually get hit by a car, so his dad is just looking out for him. What a great father!
  • Big congratulations to Steven's dad for being promoted from professional Asian Dad... to Professional Asian.
  • Ian h
    I like that he's worried about his son getting hit by a car even though they appear to be in a high rise apartment. Such a caring parent!
  • I can’t believe the amount of what Steven does to make these videos it is amazing thank you so much Steven!
  • Baldsy Bomb
    I never thought Stevens dad would get this promotion I mean he teaches failure management well but my parents have taken it to a whole new level. 😆
    Great video steven keep us the great work!
  • Tech Arts
    What a coincidence that he remembered the laundry after drinking the Emotional Damage drink. Added a nice touch of extra comedy in it
  • The Big Happy.
    This is what they need to teach us in school.

    The discipline of Emotional Damage must last throughout adulthood!
  • DiabloSpawnVII
    I love how much the camera shook while running to the laundry room! such an action shot.