Age of Wonders 1 Review | 800x600® Edition™

Published 2022-11-25
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All Comments (21)
  • Draph Enjoyer
    I'm certain this man is responsible for 90% of GoG's yearly revenue
  • 1337m4n
    My man straight up just dedicated his entire sponsorship segment to explaining why the argument "it's not a constitutional rights violation if a private company does it" is a fallacy. Mad props.
  • Mysteri
    tells us to skip spoilers, has a little chat and then starts the spoilers on the time you skip to absolutely brilliant.
  • Vilius Benetis
    Now that is a sponsor plug - Sseth is an absolute artist
  • Regular Person
    Dwarf Fortress steam version released with huge changes. Petition for Sseth to make a new video with more stories.
  • Matthew Ostrow
    what a blast of nostalgia. i remember trying to play this game at like 6 years old and just getting bodied over and over. but cool sprite art and booba kept me coming back
  • Em Branco
    Sseth really is the kind of person who will convince companies that the mention of a crack pipe in a sponsorship is absolutely necessary.
  • SideVermin 93
    "The same guys who made Overlord"
    The fact that other people remember my favourite chdhood game and even Sseth knows about it just fills me with joy
  • Corey A
    This is one of my favorite games of all time. There are so many way to break the game and you showed me a few more I didn't know. 100% agree the best unit is the Giant but you skipped over the best tier 1 unit: The Elephant. More HP and damage than pretty much any other t1 unit and can also break walls. So good.
  • Dallarian
    Update after 8 days of playing the game since the Windows 10 patch.
    I've chosen perhaps sligthly too high difficulty for our skill, so me and my brothers are having time of our live trying to survive endless waves of enemies and level 20 heroes. Its amazing.
  • billywatkins230
    You can fix the inverted pixels you get from alt tabbing if you change the resolution, then change it back. It will reset the graphics.
  • Lathis99
    I would really like to see Sseth playing ,,songs of syx "in my opinion the game doesn't get the attention it should and it's a very ambitious project that is still in development
  • JacquopoVimes
    Glad to see Sseth is back to his appropriate era of gaming
  • Dantprime
    SSeth's VPN sponsorship ad he did is hands-down the best VPN ad I've ever gotten. Legit I'm thinking about buying a VPN for once and knowing that expressVPN set up their system so you CAN'T keep records even if you want to is honestly making me think I might get their VPN.
  • arnab digar
    23 year old games are actually good being functional and in terms of content , i do understand the graphical glitches on these games if you alt tab as they used to run on direct x 6 and early version of dx9 and with 256k colour coding which is not compatible with current gpu cards. I remember facing the same issue for my OG age of empires copy, Glad they made a remastered version
  • It's well outside Sseth's era of gaming, but I think he'd really like Planetary Annihilation: Titans. Teleporting 300 tuk tuks carrying nuclear bombs directly into the enemy base or throwing an entire planet at them seems right up his alley.
  • Billy The diK
    I remember playing this actually in proper widescreen once. Might have even been in the game's own settings.
  • S T
    age of wonders is great, but AoW planetfall is also absolutely fantastic.
    Props to Sseth for making sponsored segments genuinely entertaining and enlightening
  • Akaritomi
    That express VPN add was too real and relatable. I'm referring to the part of the IRS ruining your life (even momentarily), realizing they screwed up and targeted you wrongfully then just saying oops while telling you how YOU can fix THEIR mistake while actively making it next to impossible to do so.