Beautiful minds are free from fear: Robert Grant at TEDxOrangeCoast

Published 2013-10-16
Robert E. Grant is sharing what makes beautiful mind: any moment free from fear is an opportunity to taste immortality and new possibilities.

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  • "Today can either be a best day or a worst day for my life. It just depend on my perception". What a beautiful message!
  • @li9366
    "Man's immortality is not living forever, every moment free from fear is immortal." Very true, so spot on.
  • @BIP4ME
    This talk should be one of TED's most inspiring. Courageous, heart warming, moving and certainly inspiring. Thank you Robert.
  • @artistevivien
    I wish I’d watched this TED talk earlier, I feel like I’ve heard the same message hundreds of times but this really resonated with me. I’ve always been a naturally anxious person, but feeling gratitude is a great thing to do on a daily basis, it’s basically a practice to keep yourself grounded.
  • @kkmotghare57
    two ways to overcome fear:
  • 'In life we don't get what we deserve all the time, we get what we expert' profound statement
  • @kentondragon9263
    Top speech. It really does takes seconds to change your mind/life. And if you really do move with purpose you can pretty much achieve anything. And if you fail you fail, learn, get up and go do. Fear? What's that? I remember months ago when we were in lockdown, sick, losing loved ones, losing incomes, losing businesses and houses...and now I have to be scared of life throwing anything else at me?🤣 I promised myself if I get through that, I'll never take anything for granted, work harder and smarter never to be in any sh!tty position again.
  • @johnogorman5335
    A Fantastic talk - what a question for us all to reflect on
    "What can your mind do in 18 months if you are free from fear?
  • @ggonsg
    What an INSPIRATIONAL story! I have allowed fear, worry, angst to control my life. Now, at age 59, I'm doing my best to face it so I can live the life of my dreams! Good/great things are happening! Want to stay strong! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  • @paulaiello2071
    He’s s good speaker and even better story teller. I have noticed and admired people throughout my life that just go for it with no fear. Have confidence in your ability to solve problems. He loved his daughter as much as I do mine. Good talk.
  • What a great perspective towards fear. Beautifully explained. Abundance and gratitude play really important role in eliminating the fear. Thanks a ton Sir.
  • @hongtrinh5569
    Bravo Robert. One of the best TedTalks I’ve watched. Incredibly inspiring, perceptive, insightful with admiration to noble minds. The taste of humor and amazement in his stories was very entertaining. 👏
  • @abdullahamir2940
    This is by far the best, simple, to the point and effective ted talk I have ever listened
  • In life, we don't get what we deserve, all the time. We get what we expect. ~ Robert Grant
  • @Dohyin_
    I love the storytelling to open the discussion really funny yet insightful.

    I have always been scared of alot of things but recently I have been less fearful and more grateful and confident.
  • @Cordellthe2nd
    What a treat. Absolutely awe inspiring and infectious delivery.

    Truly a human to commend and take notes from.
  • @luxelindz3881
    Synchronicity ❤ This was an amazing speech Robert. Well done!
  • @AI-Heaven-Hell
    Strange that there are so few responses to this excellent talk. Fear is indeed one of the most crippling emotions there is, and overcoming fear the most valuable asset you can develop. Some fear has a function and its wise to distinguish between justified and unjustified fear. But most fear the latter.. I would love to have seen a transcription of the poem he recites in the end.
  • @natemiller3936
    The movie “Invictus” directed by Clint Eastwood starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon as the Captain of the South African rugby team is a great movie. That is where I first heard the poem this man recited. The movie tells a beautiful story about Mandela and his struggles and overcoming fear and being able to forgive and not give up and not losing hope.