Home for the holidays with Steve Hartman

Published 2019-12-23
Every year, Steve Hartman puts people in the spotlight who are spreading holiday joy to others. Just in time for Christmas, CBS News is highlighting some of the most memorable stories from “On the Road.”

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All Comments (21)
  • Whenever I feel down or sad, Steve Hartmans wonderful smile (and sometimes boyish grin) lifts me up again. And of course all the beautiful, heartwarming stories he tells us - wouldn´t miss one single one. Happy holidays to all of you!
  • Ken Haedrich
    Steve Hartman was born to do these kinds of stories; thank you, Steve.
  • heather sellens
    I wish Steve Hartman’s show the very best. He and his crew make the world a little bit brighter. Thanks for bringing us the very best of our fellow Americans🥰🌲🥰🌲
  • Joshua Allen
    I appreciate Steve’s stories so much. They show a side of the country that we all need to be reminded of.
  • Please never give this up,Mr. Hartman.We need to hear these stories to help keep up our faith in others.I look forward to hearing a new story every Sunday morning.I am so glad that you brought this back.Charles Kuralt made my day every time I saw one of his stories and I am very thankful that you brought them back.Thank you.
  • Hart Coronet
    I'm watching this on Christmas Eve and wishing Steve, his family, everyone at CBS who has anything to do with On the Road, and all of you watcing this all the best that this holiday season has to offer. Steve I'm looking forward to watching your New Year's Day show. I can't think of a better way to start 2020.
  • Jason Miller
    Love on the road with steve. Favorite show to watch especially since the world is in a horrible place. Gives me hope for the human race.. everyone please be kind and do good for those in need.. Thank you steve...
  • B B
    Steve Hartman stories are always the best. Happy Holidays!
  • Joan Sommerfield
    The stories that Steve snd his crew bring to viewers give a truer more beautiful look at what is truly happening in the world. There are still lovely, decent, self sacrificing people who are making a Huge difference in this world. CBS, a daily program of this type of content would be a huge success.
    Thank you. Thank you!!!
  • J W Harvey
    At the time of writing this there are 4 thumbs down. I find it baffling that there are folks that do not enjoy seeing the good in the world. Merry Christmas to Steve, his family and to the CBS news team for bringing these uplifting stories.
  • Ivo Karmely
    Please more 30 minutes shows like this one! Thank You CBS, Thank You Steve Hartman and Thank You to all the behind the scenes staff that also help make shows like this happen. Happy Holidays!
  • Brian Parent
    I have loved Steve Hartman for as long as I can remember - he is the best. most of his stories have made me cry.
  • Tracy Walker
    It takes so little to give so much. Thank you, Steve, for showing us these stories of these wonderful people. And thank you to all those wonderful, kind folks who make Steve's stories possible.
  • Gene Lucas
    Mr Hartman, I would like to say thank you. When ever I'm feeling down or lost. I just watch some of you videos to set me straight. As you know, there are alot of folks worst off than me. Just wanted to say that. Thanks
  • A711
    You're the best Steve.....always love to see you and your stories, always heartfelt and uplifting.
  • Thanks for sharing this!!! Brought tears to my eyes! A perfect Christmas gift! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!
  • Lynn P
    Thank you Steve for your heartwarming true life stories. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 Your gift keeps on giving. 😁❤️🤗
  • Brian J. McManus
    Getting over cancer surgery and recovery looks good going forward. You bring such amazing joy in the darkest part of the day. Thanks for being in the world Steve- Peace-Shalom
  • Maddy Hayes
    Steve Hartman always has amazing stories. It is always good to have tissues nearby while listening to his program. He would be welcome here in Oneonta,NY anytime, (upstate NY and about 30 minutes from Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame). Thank you for bringing these stories to all of us. God's Blessings to you and your family. 🙂🙏